How to make a guy think of himself constantly

How to make a guy think of himself constantly

Quite often it happens that the guy whoVery much it is pleasant to the girl, remains to it is cold and does not pay to it any attention. All attempts to become a necessary person for him do not lead to the desired result. Do not despair, because there are many ways, these women's tricks, armed with which you can literally bewitch the desired object.

How to make a guy think of himself constantly

What to do in order to tie a guy to him

In this case, the situation will be considered,When the guy and the girl are familiar and, perhaps, even spend time together, that is somewhere intersect. To make a guy think only about himself, you should use these tips and suggestions.

The simplest way is a constanta reminder of yourself. The effectiveness of such an action is not in the first lines of the rating, but without it you can not do. After all, if a young person does not yet show you the right interest, then he will forget about you if you do not appear in his field of vision. Only here the appearance should be quite spectacular. Help in this is the right wardrobe choice. Dress sexy. Guys do not remain indifferent to short dresses or tight jeans, favorably emphasizing a good figure. Do not forget that most of the guys perceive the world through their eyes.

You need to find a way to give him somea thing that will remind you. The reason for this can be any holiday. A gift can be a chain or necklace on the neck, bracelet, key chain. And if this thing becomes a beautiful mug, then willy-nilly every morning a young man, drinking a cup of coffee or tea, will begin with memories of the gifted.

If you have the courage, you can send SMS in the morning with a wish for a good day. After all, it cheers up any person, regardless of age and sex.

The opinion of friends for many guys isdetermining. The situation will be more beneficial if you and your boyfriend have common friends, among whom will be his friends. Almost trouble-free way to attract his close attention is to impress his comrades. Try to be something useful to them, admire your erudition or beauty. In communicating with friends, there are also additional bonuses - you can learn a lot about the subject of your dreams.

The next tip is to use veryCautiously, as suggested to make the guy jealous. This tricky technique, try to demonstrate only once, regardless of the effect, positive or not. Try to flirt with his friend. Naturally, you need to do this so that the guy can see everything. If everything works out, then jealousy will make you think about it all the time. Do not overdo it, otherwise the result can be not only negative, but even the opposite desired. Everything is within reason.

Do not forget the oldest rule aboutthe relationship of the male stomach with the heart. If you know how to cook, then it's an excellent opportunity to treat people caught in one company with something delicious. If you do not know how to learn. Believe me, this dignity will be noticed by everyone without exception, and his friends will always have an occasion to say that you are classy cooking. If he likes your treats, then you can somehow invite him to dinner. Just call and say that you've prepared something delicious, but one is boring. This dinner can go on a romantic evening, and the guy is unlikely to forget about it.

Very close to common affairs, common interests,classes. It remains only to find out for himself the range of his hobbies. It can be anything - doing any kind of sport: morning jogging, rollerblading or skating, skiing, hiking, rafting. It can be collecting something, or maybe just watching films of a certain subject, maybe he's a book-lover and likes to read (which in our time, alas, has already become a rarity). In general, make him a company, but do not show only that you are doing this because of interest in him. You are fond of this in itself, but together it is much more interesting.

Take on the armament: People love to be listened to. Guys especially. If you do not know how to be attentive, interested interlocutor - this is an occasion to master this art. Communicate with him as often as possible just in a friendly way. Do not be afraid that the relationship will not go to another level. At first, friendship, common interests, and then with the help of women's secrets of seduction, you can easily get a guy to think about himself constantly.

How to make a guy think of himself with magic

If there is faith in the power of magical rituals, thenYou can try to evoke interest of a guy to yourself with the help of magic. Why not? After all, since ancient times there are sorcerers, witches (from the word "Vedas") and witches. Our great-grandmothers also used their services. If you think that to achieve the goal all means are good, then you can try to charm the guy. But this method is suitable only for those who believe in the power of magic.

The easiest way is to refer to the master. She will do everything much more professionally, but then a money question arises. No fortune-teller or soothsayer does not provide her services for free and cheap. If the only hitch is this, then make the guy think about himself constantly, some simple rituals will help.

You will need a photo on which the itemSighing is depicted to the waist. Another needle with a thread in her ear is a red thread. On the photo card you need to write the guy's name and your name. Then the heart of the young man should be stitched with a red thread, at the same time the plot is pronounced: "Act, love, love me, son of God (the name of the guy is pronounced). Your heart is forever connected with my thread of red. Sweet (pronounced name), feel a stab in the heart, think of me. "Words should be spoken in a whisper. After that, the photo is burned, and the ashes are rubbed in the hands. If possible, then after the ritual, you should talk with the guy on the phone. The conversation should be on any non-binding topic.

If there is no photo, then you can commit anotherrite, this will require a lemon balm. An infusion is prepared from the plant. We must wake up before dawn, take a few sips of melissa and wash with a miracle cure. In doing all the actions, one should think about the adored object, there must be a very strong concentration of thought. Then the spell is pronounced: "Fly, fire of love, fly. Fly to him, whoever's heart beats. Let him think only of me, and his thought that the tape is curling. "