How to improve the quality of life: a simple technique

How to improve the quality of life: a simple technique

It's no secret that the level of human well-being, itsThe contentment of life is determined by how harmonious his life is in all its manifestations. But these are only general phrases. And how to really assess the quality of your life in all areas and take the first steps to improve it. There is a simple technique for this.

How to improve the quality of life: a simple technique

You will need

  • - the "wheel of life"
  • - pen or pencil



Print on the printer or redraw this picture by hand. It is called "The Wheel of Life" and reflects all the main aspects of a person's life.


Evaluate the state of each of the directions on a 10-point scale. Try to do it sincerely and without hesitation for a long time.


Connect the points with one line. You have a wheel of your life. Appreciate how it is level, think, is it possible to go on such a wheel?


Those areas of your life that you have rated as the least prosperous, will represent "schebinki" on the "wheel". In order for your life to "roll" more smoothly, you need to align these "scrapes".


For each "Shcherbinka" define several tasks(3-4), the solution of which will improve the state of this area of ​​your life. Start with the easiest, which you can perform almost immediately, right now or in the coming days.


Write to what level the solution to these problemswill bring out the sphere of life with which you intend to work. For example, you evaluated the state in the field of "health" for the "troyka" and set the tasks "To adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. Walk at least 5 km a day. " After that, the state of the "health" sector should approach your calculations to 5 points.


Draw a second, corrected version of your "wheel of life", what it will become when the tasks are completed.


Clean the sheet with the new option and go back to it in a couple of months. Rate the result!