How to visualize a man of dreams

How to visualize a man of dreams

Visualization of the man of your dreams, or, asthey say, the ideal man - the process is interesting and fascinating. But the result will depend only on how well you have observed the technique of visualizing the future partner.

visualization of a man

The relationship between a man and a woman is one of theone that excites the heart and soul of every person. And more attention is paid to the search for "one's" person who would rejoice both the heart and the mind. If this search were not so complicated, then in the world there would be much less broken hearts and divorced spouses.

How does success begin? With competent planning, which takes into account all the important nuances, trifles.

Everything that comes into our lives hasgrounds. For example, it is impossible to fall in love / love absolutely any person, in any case, before falling in love, there is already a certain image in the head, to which the chosen one in one way or another approaches. Suffice it to recall the acquaintance with the person who later fell in love: in this person, qualities that hurt the strings of the soul were seen almost immediately.

Therefore, it is necessary to work out the image of the future elect (-cy) in a more careful way, and from the consciousness the image will pour out into the subconscious, and like a magnet you will attract to the right person.

How to create an image

  1. Think over all the details of appearance. For example, for you, growth or weight is not so important,then you can not mention it. And if it matters, then you can specify: the growth from 180 to 190, the weight of such and such. Hair color, eyes can also be imagined, but if it does not matter, then do not focus on this. Maybe for you the most important thing in appearance is a beautiful smile with healthy and even teeth, you can take this note.
  2. Character. This is more complicated. It is important to focus on those traits that sound in a positive way: kind, sympathetic, calm, caring, reliable, leads a healthy lifestyle, etc. The wording: he is not quick-tempered - undesirable, better to say: calm, balanced. These features are more difficult to remember, it is better to write them on a sheet.
  3. It is important to think over the qualities. Will he be an intellectual and a romantic orflighty and unpredictable - it's up to you, it's all up to you. If it is important for you that you can visit museums, exhibitions, learn languages ​​with a future husband, then this must be taken into account.
  4. Work and career. Qualities, not unimportant in our time. Therefore, it is important to take this aspect into account. Maybe you see a future husband of a certain profession, maybe he is a scientist or just an intelligent and successful businessman - also of your choice. One can imagine what kind of a boss he is or that his money is loved, and he very easily earns a living, travels, etc. This is not commercialism, but an important quality, because any woman wants to feel like a man, like a stone wall and getting ready to become a mother in peace and confidence in the head of the family.
  5. House chores. Another important point is life. If it is important for someone that a man helps to vacuum, then why not include it on the list? As for men, they can be represented by a woman who cares lovingly about the house, deliciously prepares, brings comfort and takes care of the household.
  6. Joint life, plans for the future. It is important to take care not only of meeting a dream person, but also of how the common way of life will flow, what goals unite you, plans. Maybe you want to move to another country?
  7. Surrounding the future half. Agree that it is very important that with friends and parents, relatives, you can easily find a common language. Take into account this, if this is a key point.
  8. And, of course, the most important thing! You love him with all your heart and mind and get from him the same emotions and feelings!

When the most complete image is ready, all the most important qualities are taken into account, they can be transferred to paper. This list can be replenished.

How to work with "finished material"

And now it is necessary to visualize the mandreams, well, or the ideal man. Do not at all think that you are not worthy of it, such an ideal. We all deserve all the best! To begin with, you can read the notes on the leaf several times, close your eyes, relax and imagine yourself next to this little man, he is already here with you, in your life. It should not be a dream, visualize it in a familiar setting, as you eat dinner together or watch a movie.

Periodically, it is important to refresh the memory of what youwrote to make the image more accurate. And so every day for half an hour you need to give time to visualize the ideal man. Believe that he is already right now, next to you, do your favorite thing, scroll in the mind of the thought that he is so good, so perfect.

A good visualization is when you smile and experience warm and bright emotions, the joy is so strong that you want to rejoice and laugh!

Believe me, he is not in the future, he is already near you,just need a little wait, when it appears not only in your mind, but in reality. The reality is inert, a little patience and success is guaranteed!

And when the meeting happens, you will immediately understand: it's him!