Energy Vampires: 8 main types

Energy Vampires: 8 main types

An energy vampire is a person whois forced to be fueled by energy from the people around him. The goal of an energetic vampire is to evoke you to emotions, from which he gets a charge of vitality. These people simply need to find a donor, from which you can draw infinite strength. The ability to recognize the energy vampire in time helps to protect oneself from loss of vitality. The energy of a donor person sometimes can not be quickly restored. There are eight types of psychological vampires.

Energy Vampires: 8 main types


Such a person will constantly ask you abouthelp, even in the most seemingly simple life situations. You will be surprised for a long time and think to yourself: "Well, how can you be so unfit for human life!" The goal of such a person is to make you take an active part in his life and help him solve his problems. Energy vampirism of this person will act on you gradually. Vampires of this type will constantly and in great detail talk about their troubles, all the while asking for advice, and the donors will gladly give them, but the vampire always has something to object to his advisers. In the end, donors begin to experience a strong emotional exhaustion, the problem was never solved, and the vampire got his own.


This vampire behaves extremely aggressively anddefiant in relation to others. In his head, there are certain requirements that he makes to others, although he himself does not observe them. Argue with him or try to prove something is useless. You will only exhaust yourself with this, and feed it with the necessary energy.


Usually these are people who have a harmfuladdiction to alcohol. These people have a narrow circle of proven donors, each of which feeds them in its own way. The first donor is a spouse who always tries to cure him or help him. The second is a narcologist, if any. To the doctor the dependent tells about his problems in all colors, describes his sorrows and deprivations. The third group of donors are relatives (parents, siblings, etc.). These donors actively vampire actively regret, try to show participation and a full understanding of his problem. Another donor is a seller who issues goods in debt. He has been listening to the promise of an early return of money for months. The energy of this man damages all the people around him


At a certain stage of her life, a womanturns into a mother and only into it. It already ceases to exist as a separate independent person. Her whole life is focused exclusively on children. She does not take into account the interests of her child - she needs to know what is really needed. This is a very dangerous kind of vampirism - here the mother eats the energy of her child. Such mothers often get sick, but only she knows how to properly treat them, the mother knows best where her child should go and what to become in life. A caring mother suppresses the personality of her child and makes him really unhappy.


He is constantly unlucky. Well, all the rest are always lucky, but he does not. It seems that the sufferer is hardworking, and his hands grow from where he comes from, and he is always ready to help, but there is no luck. In the sufferer, the propensity for vampirism begins to appear already in adulthood, when half the life is behind, and he has never been able to achieve anything. He begins to criticize his relatives, tries all the time to attract their attention: he will affect the sick, then depressed and frustrated. For him it is necessary to focus on himself the attention of his friends and family. All his entourage must not forget for a minute how much the sufferer has not been lucky in life.

The Shrew

Everybody likes it, or almost everyone. The modest man evokes general sympathy for his willingness to always come to the rescue at a difficult moment, however, even when no one asks for it. The modest man tries to show maximum participation to all his close people. All her attention is focused on the family. This is the real center of her universe. She selflessly serves her husband and children. A modest person eats energy when she reproaches her family members for being ungrateful: "I have shone on you all my life, and you ...".


As a child, Prince was the center of attention. He was talented in everything at once, but in nothing particularly. As a child, he often changed his hobbies, attended a lot of circles and sections. So the Prince could not decide in any way: half a lifetime passed, and he never managed to materialize. The Prince is looking for the reasons for his failures in the family. His donors are his wife and children, who, in his opinion, are to blame for not being able to achieve anything in life.

A princess

The most common type of modern femaleenergy vampirism. The princess believes that everyone owes her. It is the center of the world, and all the people around it are submissive slaves. This vampire does not know the feeling of gratitude. She's used to making a lot of noise around her. The princess is always inclined to exaggerate her dignity at the expense of others.