How to start thinking constructively ?!

How to start thinking constructively ?!

How often do we feel that we havehead "porridge"? .. Thoughts are confused, as if somewhere in a hurry ... And we obviously do not keep up with them, distracted by the parallel current problems, which seem to not see the end. To this is added the perfectionism carefully put into our heads by the parents: you must be the cleverest, the strongest, the fastest ... And of course, a little bit of the city with its inner architectonics: the noise of roads, the bustle of the crowd and the never-beating neighbor's drill. Among all this it is not easy to hear your inner voice. But there are at least 5 ways to do this.

Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow



Slow down the step. In the literal sense of the word. Start walking slowly wherever you go. Even if you are late. Even if there is a feeling that the faster you do something, the more free / stronger / smarter, etc. Remember the expression "to run from the problem"? .. With the slowing down of the pace, the muscular structure of our body relaxes, which allows sending fewer contractions to the brain. In other words, if you do not hear yourself, stop.


Separate proteins from carbohydrates. Separate food - it's easy: potatoes - separately from meat, cheese - from spaghetti, tomatoes - from all other products. To assimilate protein, an acidic medium is needed, for digestion of carbohydrates - alkaline. This means that when we eat foods separately from each other, we do not overload the body, but, on the contrary, we saturate it with energy and vitamins. The brain starts to work like a clock. Remember the expression "put everything in order"? You can start.


Shut up. For an hour. Or for a couple. Or for a day. Through speech, we get new information, even when only we speak. Leaving the brain without "food" for a while, we force it to digest the old. And gradually it simply outlives what is the cause of our anxiety.


Scream bustle. Go to the field or the forest, to the river. Become, with wide legs apart and arms outstretched and scream that there are forces. And then shout out the vowel sounds in turn. "Aaaaa - oooo - uuuuu - eeee - yyyy" and in the reverse order. When we often do not say something to the interlocutor (out of fear or compassion), all these words and texts get stuck in our minds, and now and then intervene in the process of thinking. In addition, the throat muscular structure takes a hit on itself and slowly atrophies. It is better to leave everything unsolved and unpardicated to nature.


To starve. The diurnal curative starvation is a faithful assistant to deal with the accumulated fatigue and look at the situation from another side. After all, in a state of stress, we often turn to products with a "bright" taste (strongly seasoned, salted or transplanted). They further contribute to nervous excitement, which distracts us from constructive thinking. How correctly to enter and leave from fasting it is better to esteem in the book of Paul Bragg "Medical starvation".