How to learn to overcome life's difficulties

How to learn to overcome life's difficulties

Sometimes it may seem that life consists ofonly black bands: problems at work, misunderstandings in the family ... Stress and negative situations accumulate and soon can collapse on a person like an avalanche. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to learn how to overcome failures and problems as they become available.

How to learn to overcome life's difficulties

You will need

  • - notebook or diary
  • - sheets of cardboard
  • - clippings from newspapers and magazines



Do not build illusions and do not put before yourselfglobal challenges. In any case, you should rely only on yourself, so in advance count your strength: "I can - I can not." Close people can help, advise, but you must become the driving force. The higher the requirements that you request, asking the fate of something, the less likely you will get it. Be humble and enjoy the little things, then the time will come for big gifts.


Make desires and problems. It can be ordinary sheets of cardboard (the size you choose at your discretion), attached to the wall or hidden in a cabinet. On one sheet you will attach photos, clippings and drawings that personify your dreams and desires, and on the other - that which hinders them. For example, you want to move up the career ladder. So, on the first sheet, you need to put a picture or photo indicating a promotion. And on the second - a problem. For example, this is a tyrant-boss (photo). Now it is necessary to work out a plan of actions to neutralize the problem. Draw arrows from the photo and describe the solution options. Thus, you will learn how to structure your thoughts in the right direction.


Try to write memoirs. As the saying goes: "Paper will endure all". Resentment, splashed on paper, is quickly forgotten. It is better to express all the emotions in a letter than to tell the superfluous people that you might still need. Also, you will be able to re-read your own or other people's actions and actions, find mistakes in them and try to correct everything.


Direct the energy of the negative into a positive channel. Did they say insulting words to you at work? Mentally turn them into diminutive and caressing compliments and smile to yourself - you are a good person. Stole money on the bus? No matter how difficult it is, imagine that you gave them to charity yourself, because you know how to earn and still earn. So you learn to view any event in terms of benefits for yourself.