Tip 1: How to create happiness

Tip 1: How to create happiness

In the worldly sense, happiness is satisfactionhuman needs. The needs of the body, the ego, the soul. And each of us starts his journey from childhood with a dream. Each of us, from early childhood, brings with it a full set of conditions and standard templates about how happiness should be.

Happiness is in our hands.

But after becoming adults we are completelyunhappy, tired, sad, suffering people. So what has become of our dream? Where are the ideals of a happy life? Why is it so difficult to find peace and peace in the heart? Filled with joy from life? Why did we get out of childhood so happy and have lost our lives?

And there are reasons for this! The fact is that each of us goes through life alone as an enchanted wanderer. Man is bewitched by life, by its magic. And every day he is forced to drink this witching potion of life. He is drunk, drugged with this poison and of course he does not see the road ahead of him. He stumbles, falls, gets up and goes again. And so millions of people roam the world, colliding with each other.

And the problem of man is that he does notseeking a way out of their situation. And it's not his fault. Because he does not know anyone who has found a way out of this series of losses and the resulting suffering. He himself only loses - health, freedom, time, love, friendship, trust. People live around him in the same way. Therefore, pain, boredom, despair became the norm.

And if to you comes the understanding that soYou do not want to live anymore. If you can see all the bitterness of the situation. And you have enough courage and patience to change and change the way of life that led you to this vital impasse. Then you must immediately collect all your despair and pain, your grief and fear and loudly to say to yourself: "STOP"!

You must stop and look at your life.top down. Calmly, unbiased, from the side to assess the current situation. And to see on their example and the example of others that neither expensive things, nor respect, nor prosperity, work, pride, duty, trips abroad, fame, power have never made anyone happy.

You must drop all this tinsel, all thesepursuit of illusions and go all out to strive to become happy. Create the conditions for life to develop and take small steps towards happiness. And then you will see that many false ideals, for which you have been chasing your whole life, will fall away on their own. And only what is really important will remain in your life.

Remember, the path begins with the first step, and letnow you are defeated, defeated, tired, in the chains of your unbearable conditions of life and obligations. But never forget that you are great people! And every your tear and every your breath costs more than all the treasures of the world!

Tip 2: What is the construction of family happiness

The construction of any house begins with a foundation. And like other buildings, family happiness also has its own foundation. This, of course, is love. Home happiness can not be built without love, and thus not only is it an important component here.

What is the construction of family happiness

To build family happiness apart from lovealso necessary comprehension. In happy families, there is always harmony and harmony between its members. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, "lovers are those who look the same way." In everyday situations, conflicts often arise. But if all members of the family insist on their own, this discrepancy can develop into an open confrontation. One of the spouses in the end must give way, as another brick of home happiness is self-sacrifice. Who should do this is another matter, and he decides in different ways, depending on the situation. The next step to building a happy family is to pay attention to your lover. Do not forget about all the amenities that will please your second half. An amusing little note left at the wife's pillow, an unexpected romantic dinner for the spouse can give happiness that will not be experienced even after receiving the most expensive and expected birthday present. The ability to forgive, and also to ask forgiveness and skill is the supporting wall of home happiness. A true family should avoid not so much quarrels as their consequences. Therefore, one should never postpone reconciliation. A truly happy family can not be created without trust. To never doubt a beloved person, you need to learn to believe him the way you do. In turn, trust implies the presence of sincerity in the relationship. Remember the saying: better the bitter truth than the sweet lie. Of course, there are exceptions to any situation, but no one has yet abolished the lie of salvation. It is important only to keep in mind that at some point any deception can be uncovered. And in this case even a small subterfuge will seem like a real betrayal.