Tip 1: How to choose a developer

Tip 1: How to choose a developer

Trusting their money to builders, it is very important not tomake a mistake with the choice. A good developer must have permits for the implementation of their activities, a list of good quality facilities behind them and a reliable bank to support construction.

How to choose a developer

You will need

  • - documents of the builder;
  • - permits for construction;
  • - investment agreement.



Before you invest your money in housing, you need to check the lending builder some big bank. It is desirable that this bank was an outsider to the developer, that is, was not part of the construction holding company. Then the risk of investing becomes minimal, because the bank experts have already believed builder on its solvency and responsibility for the obligations undertaken.


In addition to a reliable bank, the construction organization must have a permit for its type of activity. Do not hesitate to ask builder his certificate of registration, charter, certificatefrom the tax inspection on the payment of taxes, documents for land acquisition, which confirm that the plot is fixed just behind it, the building permit issued by the executive authority and the technical documentation of the future house (floor plan of the building, project documentation).


Pay particular attention to the approvedarchitecture management, construction project, permission to conduct construction works and a document for land acquisition with a designated purpose of the land plot. If all the papers are available, you can analyze the reliability builder Further. If not, it is better to refuse cooperation, so as not to stay without housing and money.


Before signing an investment agreement,see already built projects. Assess their quality, convenience of planning, the level of service at home, talk to the tenants to see if the future house will satisfy you. Do not be lazy to go to the construction site to make sure of the construction process.


When signing an investment contract, payattention to the characteristics of the apartment: its specific location, floor, staircase, room, view from the window, including a floor plan application indicating your housing.


Make sure that there is an item in the contract,indicating that the object is not sold and there are no rights to it from third parties. In the contract, you need to specify the cost of housing, and in case of a step-by-step payment - the schedule and amount of payments, as well as the deadline for delivery of the facility and fines for breach of contract.

Tip 2: How to buy an apartment in installments from the developer

Buying an apartment in installments for buyers is one of the profitable options. However, before signing the contract, it is worthwhile to study all the pitfalls that can accompany the deal.

apartment purchase

Apartments in installments for todayoffer many development companies. For buyers this offer of developers is very profitable. The mortgage, despite subsidizing the program by the state, is still difficult to obtain, and the bank interest still remains inaccessible to many. In addition, to buy an apartment in installments, it is enough just to produce a passport.

There are several options for such a purchase. Interest-free installments are effective, as a rule, no more than two years. The interest rate is now 10 years. In order to arrange installments, you need to choose a suitable apartment. After that, the developer will calculate, taking into account the amount of the initial installment, the monthly payments for the whole period of "crediting". Get the keys are often possible, paying from 50% of the cost of an apartment under the contract. The exact figures need to be specified for a specific residential complex.

After the preliminary contract is signed(and most likely it will be he), the developer will offer to provide projects for electricity and water supply, pay a "communal" for a few months in advance and you can start repair work. Often, the management company obliges to put a signature under the terms of repair, the exact time of noisy work (in different LCDs it can be different).

Payments to the account of the builder are necessaryto transfer monthly, before the specified date in the contract. After the entire amount specified in the document is paid, the construction company will offer to sign the main contract, which must be registered with Rosreestr. Thus, to issue an apartment to the owner will be possible only after payment of the full amount under the contract. Before that, the property belongs to the developer, which is risky. In case the company declares itself bankrupt, it will be possible to return only the amount paid, the apartment will have to be returned.

Tip 3: What documents should the apartment developer have?

Acquisition of housing in the primary market -directly from the developer, has a lot of advantages. The apartment in the new building will cost less and under it it is easier to get a mortgage loan in the bank. But the choice of the developer must be taken with special responsibility.

What documents should the apartment developer have?



The law on the share agreement passed several years agoconstruction provides investor-investor certain guarantees. Now, concluding an agreement on equity participation in the construction of a new house, the future owner of the apartment can not be afraid that it will be sold by an unscrupulous developer to several more owners. But there is a danger that the new building can turn into a durable building, so it is important to choose the right builder.


Study the proposals in the primary marketReal estate and collect all available information about the developers. Useful information can be found in analytical articles published on thematic real estate sites, in reviews of real estate companies and on forums on the Internet, where participants share their experience in sharing their experience. Thanks to the possibilities of the Internet, unscrupulous developers instantly become famous, and will never have a good reputation. After choosing a reliable developer, you should carefully read the documents that are available to him.


You do not need to check with the developer allavailable documents. It is enough to ask him for information about him, as a legal entity, as well as permit documentation for this building. To ensure its reliability, you will need to familiarize yourself with its constituent and financial documents, the available license, construction permit, project documentation for the house and title documents for the land on which construction is being conducted.


Your right to receive this informationconfirmed by articles 19-21 of the Federal Law No. 214-FZ "On participation in the shared construction of apartment buildings and other objects." When the manager in the company of the developer refuses to you in this right, there is an occasion to turn to the management - perhaps, he is simply incompetent. But if the company's management finds it difficult to present these documents, it's worth thinking about. Documents must be submitted in the original or in copies certified by a notary. If you are not sure that you will be able to understand the competence of the submitted documents, you can request their electronic copies in order to consult with a competent specialist. In this case, it makes no sense to save, so do not interfere with the advice of a professional lawyer or realtor. Such consultation is the guarantee of your right choice.

Tip 4: How to choose and buy a two-bedroom apartment in Moscow

Deciding to buy a three-room apartment in Moscow,you must understand that you will face some objective difficulties. First, the cost of housing in the capital is still the highest in the country. And secondly, "treshki" is the most popular option for families with children. But this question is completely solved if we know some of the "tricks" that realtors use.

How to choose and buy a two-bedroom apartment in Moscow

How to choose a two-bedroom apartment

To begin with, decide on the choice of the district withtaking into account where the work places of family members, transport accessibility, infrastructure, etc. are located. It is important that there are no large enterprises, commodity railway stations, gas-contaminated and noisy highways nearby. Of course, it will be important also how much money you are going to spend to purchase housing. The center, western and south-western parts of the capital are the most expensive. The choice of equity participation in the construction of a new building is justified, if you have little money and have time to wait. When buying a home in the secondary market, you avoid the problems of repair work in neighboring apartments and the risks associated with equity construction, for example, the developer's bankruptcy. Choosing an area, study the types of layout of houses. They will be on so much - for one district, as a rule, residential buildings built according to several standard projects are characteristic. Walk or drive through the selected area, evaluate it from your point of view, and then start viewing ads that offer three-bedroom apartments in the area that you have chosen.

How to buy a two-bedroom apartment

If you want to buy an apartment in a new building,Do not contact the company, advertisements of which are hung all the posts. Do yourself a search for developers who build housing in the selected area and do not spend money on advertising. In this case, you have a chance to get the most favorable package of conditions for you and buy an apartment, let not immediately, but inexpensively. Another budget way to buy a three-room apartment in Moscow at a low cost is participation in bank auctions where apartments are sold for a mortgage, which the borrowers could not return to the bank on time. Estimated cost of such apartments is low, as banks are interested in their soonest sale and return of their funds. When you have the opportunity and free time, it makes sense to monitor ads for the sale of three-bedroom apartments, submitted directly by the owners of real estate. From those ads for which numerous intermediaries and real estate companies are masked, they may differ from the standard form and the phrase "possible bargaining". In addition, the same telephone numbers appear in the intermediary announcements. Buy an apartment from the owner in the off-season in the real estate market can also be very profitable.