What should be stated in the lease agreement

What should be stated in the lease agreement

If you do not have enough money to buy a certainproperty, you can take it for a while in use. As a rule, in this case a lease is concluded. However, in order not to damage the interests of the parties, it is necessary to take into account some important nuances.

What does the lease agreement look like?



The lease agreement is an agreement,Providing the provision of property for use for a fee. The subject of the lease can be real estate, land, vehicles and other things. In addition, the lease can be transferred to the whole enterprise. From other similar contracts (gratuitous use, etc.), the lease is distinguished by the existence of a payment for the use of property.


The lease agreement is concluded in writing. In cases involving the lease of immovable property, the contract is additionally subject to state registration. If the lease provides for the transfer of ownership of a thing, the form of the contract must coincide with the form of the contract of sale for the relevant property.


In the subject of the contract, it is necessary to describe clearcharacteristics of the leased property, as well as its value at the time of the conclusion of the contract. So, if the rent concerns an apartment, you must specify its address, the number of rooms, etc. For the car - this model, color, year of issue, license plates. In this section of the contract should also specify the lease period.


One of the main things in the lease areprovisions concerning the collection of rent. Here it is not only necessary to specify its size and order of payment, but also to specify the procedure for reviewing the amount of payments. Often, in addition to rent, the tenant can be charged and additional costs. For example, when renting an apartment, the lessee undertakes to compensate the lessor and utilities. In this case, the contract must specify the conditions and procedure for the implementation of such compensation.


In the lease agreement there should be a section,concerning the mutual rights and obligations of the parties. It should not specify the general conditions for the use of leased property. So, the rental object can be insured. In this case, it is necessary to prescribe to which side the corresponding duty falls. Further, in the period of using the property, the lessee can make improvements to it. Therefore, the terms of the implementation of such improvements should be indicated in the lease agreement. For example, the cost of inseparable improvements (ie, those that can not be taken away) is compensated by the lessor by the lessor or can be credited against the rent.


Another section of the agreement is the conditionsconcerning the responsibility of the parties. Here it is necessary to pay attention not only to sanctions for violation of mutual obligations by the parties, but also to the consequences of destruction or damage to property through the fault of the lessee.


Complete the lease of theterm of its validity. This part also specifies the grounds and procedure for its early termination on the initiative of one of the parties, as well as the conditions for the automatic prolongation of the contract.