Do I have to pay tax when buying an apartment?

Do I have to pay tax when buying an apartment?

In recent decades, the standard of living in Russiagrew noticeably: a middle class appeared, people began to afford to buy expensive things, and many thought about buying their own homes. To implement their new needs, they began to be interested in legislation and taxation, they became legally more competent, when it comes to big money, I want to know how much and what it will cost.

Pay taxes and sleep peacefully.

When buying an apartment

Several years ago, when buying an apartment,the buyer had to report on the origin of his funds. Now all the responsibilities for paying the tax on the apartment are on the seller, because it is he who gets the most benefit from the purchase and sale transaction. The buyer of the apartment does not pay the tax on the purchased real estate. The only case when the new owner still has to pay a tax on the purchase of housing - the receipt of an apartment under a gift contract.


When making a gift for realproperty there is a certain order of payment of taxes. In the event that a gift is made for you, i.e. you get the right to an apartment and become its new legal owner, you have to pay a tax of 13% of the assessed value of the property. Estimated cost is the difference between the cadastral value of the apartment (in other words the market price) and one million rubles. The assessment of cadastral value is usually carried out by specially invited experts from the PIB or BTI. Why just one million? The fact is that apartments that cost less than one million rubles are not subject to taxation. Thus, having received a gift apartment worth 1200 thousand rubles, you are obliged to pay a tax of 13% of 200 thousand (26 thousand rubles). An exception is the case when you are a close relative of the donor. Under these circumstances or if you are going to inherit, you do not need to pay taxes.

Latest news from the ministry

Recently, increasingly began to occurcases of a "fake" transaction. For example, the contract prescribes the cost of an apartment of 999 thousand rubles, or any amount less than a million rubles. She is paid officially, and the rest of the price is in cash. In this case, the seller will avoid paying the tax, and the buyer risks losing the apartment he liked. the transaction is not valid and, upon the discovery of the fact of its "fictitiousness", is canceled. In this regard, the Federal Tax Service proposed to shift the payment of taxes to buyers: in the event that the sale price of the apartment is below 70% of the cadastral, the buyer will be obliged to pay a tax on the purchase of property. Fortunately for buyers, this issue is still at the stage of discussions. So you can breathe peacefully and make out a new apartment without worrying about taxes.