Which is better: rent an apartment or take a mortgage

Which is better: rent an apartment or take a mortgage

Mortgage or rent? Depends on your desire, on the material and marital status, and the pros and cons are everywhere. The main thing is to decide what is more important and feasible at this stage for you.

Rent or mortgage

Different life situations can lead to a largefamily to the need to part. Children grew up and want to live separately or a young child was born to a young family, and in a parental apartment it became crowded. Only a few people have the opportunity to immediately buy housing or move to an empty apartment of relatives. Most have to decide what is best - rent an apartment or buy a mortgage. Both options have their pros and cons.

Rent an apartment for rent

Plus this option is that you can find housingon almost any budget. If you are a young family with a child, you may simply not have the amount necessary for a monthly loan payment. And rent an apartment - please! The worse the condition of housing and the more inconvenient it is located - the cheaper the rent. You just need to find an acceptable compromise between comfort and value. But, perhaps, the advantages of rental housing are ending here, and the minuses start. First of all, it is the difficulty of finding the right variant. Directly with the owner is now very difficult to come to an agreement, the entire real estate rental market was seized by realtors, who need to pay up to 100% of the monthly rent for their services. Suppose, with this condition, you agree. Then the problem of finding the right owner begins. If you are a young family without children and animals, then there will be no special problems. But if you have either a child or a favorite cat, then not every owner lets you live to live, however well-bred and trustworthy they are. But all these problems are solved, and you have finally settled into an apartment. You probably have to put up with the availability of master furniture, often old and shabby. Replace it with its owner, most likely, will not allow. If something does not suit you in repair - do it yourself at the expense of a monthly fee. And what is most unpleasant when renting a home is that a landlord can raise rent at any time, for example, under the pretext of a jump in inflation. Of course, the contract stipulates the amount of the monthly payment, but also the owner's ability to evict you, having warned for 2 weeks, that he will most likely do, if you refuse to pay. He does not care who will live in his apartment, and you will have to look for another home. And most importantly - the money that you pay for rent, go to the owner in your pocket, and only. This apartment will never become yours.

Buy an apartment in a mortgage

It is quite another matter if you buy an apartment inmortgage. You are free to choose - a new building or a secondary housing, a center or a suburb. Nobody will indicate whether you can live with a dog or not, no one will suddenly raise your rent, or drive you out just because you wanted to. You will live in your apartment, make repairs to your liking, decorating. But not everything is so rosy. From the disadvantages here is that the loan can not give, if you have an insufficient level of income, a bad credit history or something else the bank did not like. For example, the loan was given. You must repay it regularly and in full, otherwise the bank will charge a variety of penalties. And if you suddenly worsened financial condition, then a rented apartment can be found cheaper, and the mortgage will have to pay all the same completely - until the loan is fully repaid, the apartment is the property of the bank. The bank is not interested in your problems, and if you can not repay the debt, you will simply be thrown out into the street, the apartment will be sold and the money paid back to you. Another undoubted plus mortgage against renting - with each payment the apartment becomes more and more yours, and one day it will become. And the amount of monthly payment for a loan, as a rule, is approximately equal to the amount of payment for rent.