What does the official NASA logo mean?

What does the official NASA logo mean?

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In translation into Russian, NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The NASA logo

Symbolism of the official NASA logo

The logo of the US National Office representsfrom itself a circle of blue color with an inscription NASA. Of course, the circle symbolizes the earth. As you know, from space, the planet appears before the eyes of the astronauts blue or blue. The choice of this color is not accidental. In many nations, it symbolizes the sky and eternity. It is worth noting that blue is often used not only in emblems, but also in flags. It often means organization, inflexibility, idealism and fortitude. In this case, blue simultaneously symbolizes the earth and the vast space expanses. The blue ball depicts stars and star clusters in several places. The stars are the main bodies of the universe, because they contain the bulk of the luminous matter in nature. With an unaided eye (with a good visual acuity), about 6,000 stars are seen in the sky, 3,000 in each hemisphere. The presence of stars on the logo of the space agency is quite logical. On top of the blue ball is a bifurcating red aerostrel. It is a symbol of aeronautics. The white circle inside the ball symbolizes the orbit of the spacecraft. The appearance of the NASA logo: 1959. And the history of the logo is this: James Modarelli asked the NASA Executive Secretary to create a management logo that would be suitable for informal use. The official seal of the Office was taken as the basis for the logo. The designer simplified it, leaving only a blue ball, white stars and orbit, as well as a red air shot. A little later on the logo appeared an inscription in white letters: NASA. The NASA office is still responsible for the country's civilian space program.

Copying of the logo by other countries

The NASA logo is often copied by other countries withsome change in the basic elements. So, in April 2014, North Korea created a logo for its own space agency - NADA (National Aerospace Development Administration). It should be noted that it closely resembles the famous NASA logo. It also depicts a blue ball, symbolizing the earth. At the top of the emblem there is a cluster of white stars. The Korean logo was presented on the occasion of the first anniversary of the creation of the space agency. It is noteworthy that in social networks, the appearance of the logo of the North Korean space agency was greeted with sarcasm. And in Spanish, nada means "nothing" or "pshik." The LOGs of NASA and Roscosmos also have much in common. The basis of the emblem of the Federal Space Agency is also a circle of blue. Striking similarity served as the reason for the redesign of the Roscosmos logo in recent times.