How to choose a good starry sky projector

How to choose a good starry sky projector

Giant space and billionsstars can fit even in the smallest bedroom. With the help of a starry sky projector, you can create a romantic setting, learn astronomy or fall asleep every night with the most unusual nightlight.

Projector of the starry sky - a fabulous journey through the night sky

Types of Starry Sky Projectors

Today on sale you can find a few dozentypes of projectors of the starry sky, with most of them just an imitation. By including such a projector, you will not find the constellation of the Great Bear, you will not see the Milky Way and the changing nebula gas nebulae. Since various light spots of the most diverse colors will be projected in an arbitrary order. Of course, as a night light it is probably not bad, however, you can not call such a device a starry sky projector. On the market there are a variety of simulators, they can have a built-in clock, alarm clock function, thermometer and mp3 player. They are inexpensive and quite suitable as a night lamp for the smallest ones. Children older are better to choose a device more expensive, which will accurately simulate the heavenly bodies. Very often these projectors are sold with a constellation map for further study, with laser pointer and educational materials. Such devices are equipped with high-brightness LEDs due to which more than 9000 stars and 60 constellations are projected onto the walls and ceiling. As additional functions, projectors can be able to project constellations with a specified date. This feature makes it possible to view such a starry sky that can be seen in other parts of the world, for example, in Africa or Australia. Using the timer, you can safely fall asleep under the delightful views of the stars, without worrying about the device, which itself turns off after a specified number of minutes.

Starry sky projector or home planetarium

Some projectors are so goodmultifunctional, which have every right to be called home planetariums. The starry sky here is as realistic as possible, you can see how comets fly and meteorites fall. The minimum number of celestial bodies is 50000. Some home planetariums, in addition to the sky, lead the Moon, can design the Earth. In many, the film about space is laid. In some planetariums, the function of playing nature sounds is built in, and the dynamic projection allows you to admire colorful Hawaiian sunsets, Northern lights or a fantastic rainbow. When buying, pay attention to the method of charging the device. This can be a normal connection to an electrical outlet, the possibility of using batteries or a charging system. Specify the range of the device, the accuracy of displaying constellations, the number of celestial bodies and the availability of additional functions. The decisive factor in making a purchasing decision is the availability of a guarantee for the device.