Natural Resources of Italy

Natural Resources of Italy

Italy is the second largest producer in the worldMercury ore. In this country there are also large deposits of marble, granite and tufa. But the rest of Italy's mineral wealth is rather meager and this country needs to purchase raw materials for the development of metallurgy and other industries.

Natural stone in Italy

A small country Italy takes enoughadvantageous geographical and geopolitical position. More than a third of the territory of this state belongs to the mainland, more than half to the peninsular and more than 17% to the island. Despite such a non-standard crushing of possessions, the country in many respects provides itself independently.

The main natural resources of Italy

15% of the state's needs for natural gasIs provided with the help of deposits in the east of the country. The least part of the resources Italy is forced to buy from neighboring countries. Coal and oil deposits are small and can not meet the needs for fuel and energy resources. Due to the absence of iron, chromite and manganese ores, this country ensures the operability of its ferrous metallurgy at the expense of imported raw materials. However, here there are quite large in terms of the development of deposits of potassium and table salt. This allows you to actively trade these products with many states. Of the mineral resources, it should be noted the presence of some stocks of polymetals: lead and zinc, mercury ore. Mining is used both for own production, and for trade with other countries. Most of all in Italy, mercury ore is extracted. The volume of reserves of this resource corresponds to the second place in the world. In the Valle d'Aosta area, there is an anthracite, but these deposits are small, and the main resources of this country-potassium and rock salt-are being developed on the island of Sicily, active work on the extraction of these minerals takes place in the Carrara region. For a long time were extracted from the karstic depressions of Apulia.To date, small deposits of this mineral are found in Liguria and the central regions of the country.The main wealth of the country is marble.There are also tuff and granite in Italy.In Sicily in rather In the north of Tuscany - a well-known deposit of Carrara marbles, which are used in this and foreign countries for the manufacture of monuments and decoration of mansions and public buildings.

What resources are rich in Italy?

This state does not lackDue to surplus water resources. They provide not only the work of power plants, but also attract a lot of tourists on the coast of Italy. This is facilitated by a favorable climate. For this reason, the lion's income comes from this sphere of activity in the country.