Tip 1: Why Stephen Fry called for a boycott of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

Tip 1: Why Stephen Fry called for a boycott of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

August 7, 2013, the famous English actor,writer and screenwriter Stephen Fry published in his blog an open letter to the British government, as well as members of the IOC (International Olympic Committee). In his address, he called for a boycott of the Winter Olympics, which is to be held in Sochi in 2014.

Why Stephen Fry urged to boycott the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

What is said in the open letter of Stephen Fry

The attitude of Stephen Fry to the Olympic Games inRussia is caused by a bill banning the propaganda of homosexuality recently adopted by the State Duma. The actor calls this law barbarous and fascist, and also compares the infringement of the rights of people of non-traditional orientation to the persecution of Jews during the Olympic Games in 1936 in Berlin. According to Fry, then the Olympic movement ignored this fact, as a result, the Berlin Olympics gave the Führer confidence and increased its status throughout the world. As Stephen Fry states, it is not a good idea to separate sports from politics at the Olympics. The writer claims that it is necessary to impose a ban on the holding of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. He points to the incitement of people of unconventional sexual orientation to suicide, to rape and beating them by members of the Nazi movement in Russia. Fry also claims that in Russia, the police completely ignore the cases of murder and violence against members of the LGBT community. In addition, in his letter to the blog, the actor reports that the defense or tolerant discussion of homosexuality has become illegal. As an example, he cites the impossibility of making a statement that Tchaikovsky's unconventional sexual orientation influenced his contribution to art, and therefore the great composer can inspire the creative representatives of sex minorities. According to Stephen Fry, now this can not be said, otherwise one can be arrested. At the same time, the writer emphasized that he was very fond of Russian literature, music and theater. Fry openly says that he is gay and Jewish. In March 2013, he visited St. Petersburg, where he met with Milonov, who was one of the initiators of the law on the prohibition of propaganda of homosexuality in Russia. The actor unsuccessfully tried to persuade him to abandon his decision. Steven Fry emphasizes that his appeal is not so much related to whether athletes of non-traditional sexual orientation will be safe in the Olympic Village, but rather with the basic principles of the Olympic movement. The writer recalls several rules of the IOC, which, he claims, are violated in Russia. These are the rules on combating discrimination, cooperation for the sake of promoting humanism and supporting the interaction of sports, culture and education.

Public response to the call of Stephen Fry

British Prime Minister David Cameron does notsupported the proposal of Stephen Fry about boycotting the 2014 Winter Olympics. In his microblogging, Cameron first thanked the actor for the remark and expressed solidarity in concern over the violation of the rights of sex minorities. However, the premier added that, in his opinion, it is better not to boycott the Winter Olympics, but to fight against prejudices by participating in it. It is worth adding that the proposed boyfriend of the Olympics, proposed by Fray, raises doubts even for people who support gay rights. In particular, LGBT activist Nikolay Alekseev believes that as a result of such a boycott only the participants of the competition will suffer. Nevertheless, the appeal of Stephen Fry to boycott the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi aroused great public interest. Earlier, in 2012, Fry spoke in support of the punk band Pussy Riot, having addressed to its participants an open letter. The actor is very popular: the audience of his personal blog on Twitter is more than 4.5 million people. Fry often appeals to his subscribers with an appeal to support one or another charitable organization.

Tip 2: Why Stephen Fry against the Olympic Games in Sochi

The current political situation in Russiaoften becomes a subject of discussion not only for foreign politicians, but also for public figures and other famous people. In particular, the English actor Stephen Fry made his comment about the expediency of the next Olympic Games in Russia.

Why Stephen Fry against the Olympic Games in Sochi

The essence and causes of the statement of Stephen Fry

August 7, Stephen Fry published on his websiteopen letter. It was addressed to the Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron and the International Olympic Committee. The main content of the message is a proposal to postpone the forthcoming 2014 Olympics from Russia to another country. As the main reason for this opinion, Stephen Frye brings the situation related to human rights in Russia, in particular, with the rights of sexual minorities. In 2013, on the basis of previously existing in some subjects of the federation of resolutions, a federal law was passed banning the propaganda of homosexuality. The English actor in his address is against this legislative initiative, believing that with her help, the Russian state has been able to condemn almost any open gay man. However, the letter condemns not only the adopted laws, but also the practice in Russia of the relationship of law enforcement forces to homosexuals. Stephen Fry believes that the prejudiced attitude of the police and the insufficient protection of homosexuals from persecution are provoked by the position of the top leadership over sexual minorities. In connection with these facts, Stephen Fry draws a direct analogy between the 1936 Olympics held in fascist Germany and the current situation with the Olympics in Sochi. He believes that holding the Olympics will give the current president of Russia confidence in the correctness of his policy, including with regard to sexual minorities. It should be noted that the open letter of Stephen Fry is based, in part, on his own observations. Shortly before writing the appeal, Stephen, who himself claims to be homosexual, came to Russia to meet with Vitaly Milonov, a member of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, who initiated the adoption of the law against the propaganda of unconventional sexual relations in St. Petersburg.

Reaction to Stephen Fry's Speech and Other Opinions Concerning the Olympic Games in Russia

Stephen Fry's speech provoked an active reactionfrom the Russian public. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to the open letter by saying that the policy and the Olympic movement should not be confused, separately noting the need to respect Russian laws. Officials of sports departments also made a statement, noting that gay men who came to the Olympics should not be afraid of prosecution under the recently adopted legislation. Many Internet and print media published Fry's statement on their pages, and this topic was widely discussed in the Russian blogosphere and forums. It should be noted that, although Stephen Fry was not the first known person to oppose the Olympic Games in Russia, foreign officials mostly do not propose boycotts or postponement of the next Winter Olympics.

Tip 3: What is the essence of Stephen Fry's open letter

Famous British actor, playwright and writerStephen Frye recently posted an open letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and British Prime Minister David Cameron on the Internet. In it, he criticizes the Russian government's actions against the LGBT community (the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community). In this regard, Fry calls to boycott the Winter Olympic Games, which will be held in February 2014 in Sochi.

What is the essence of the open letter of Stephen Fry

Criticism of the Russian government

In his open letter, a homosexual and a Jewnationality Stephen Fry compares Russian President Vladimir Putin to the German tyrant Adolf Hitler, and his actions against the LGBT community are with the persecution of Jews and other national minorities. The British actor cites some facts from the history of the Reich and transfers them to the situation in modern Russia. In particular, he writes that the humiliation, murder and beatings of members of sexual minorities in Russia are completely ignored by the police, and any attempts to speak out in defense of homosexuals are now prohibited by law. Fry did not pass by in his address to the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The actor regretted that after the adoption in the Russian Federation of a law banning propaganda for homosexuality, any claim that Tchaikovsky was a homosexual and that his life and art completely reflect his sexual orientation may serve as an excuse for arrest.

Boycott of the Winter Olympics "Sochi-2014"

In addition to the above, in a letter to Fryexpresses fears for non-traditional sportsmen who will take part in the forthcoming Winter Olympics. He also mentions the rules of the IOC, which, in his opinion, are being violated in Russia today: - to counteract any acts of discrimination; - to cooperate with public and private organizations to promote world peace; - to support the interaction of sport, culture and education In this regard, Stephen Frye in his letter calls on the IOC and the entire civilized world to resist the barbarous, in his opinion, the law on the prohibition of the propaganda of non-traditional relations in Russia and boycott the Olympic Games in Sochi, so as not to tarnish the nave and the Olympic Movement. He also asks the International Olympic Committee to resist the pressure of oil cowardice of diplomats, money, pragmatism and fight for the future of all mankind.