Tip 1: Where to find the schedule for the 2014 Olympics

Tip 1: Where to find the schedule for the 2014 Olympics

Giant training was conducted on the eve of theOlympic Winter Games in Sochi. New stadiums, ski slalom tracks, hotels, ski lifts have been built. The whole country is looking forward to the start of the competition. And you can learn their schedule now.

Where to find the schedule for the 2014 Olympics

Schedule of the Olympic Games in Sochi - where to see?

Schedule of the Olympic Winter Games inSochi is posted on the website of the organizing committee. Sports events will be held in two places - the coastal zone - there are stadiums and skating rinks, and in the mountains - there are built tracks, lifts, erected tribunes. The timetable specifies in which sector the competition will take place. For the convenience of users on the site there is an interactive map, which will allow you to orient in advance, in which place the necessary game is. This is very important, because the Olympic facilities are very far from each other to get from one to another it will take a long time. To find the schedule on the website of the organizing committee, select the sub-heading "Tickets". Clicking on it, you will see a sign, which indicates the sport, the date and time of the competition, as well as the number of places available for sale. Places are divided into several categories. The sale of the cheapest tickets was completed in the summer of 2013. These were tickets to the "standing" sector, without a specific place. In October 2013 began selling tickets with a place, as well as invitations to VIP-boxes. Tickets with seats are also ranked. Those closer to the tracks or ice arenas are more expensive. In addition to the website of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, the schedule of competitions in Sochi will be published in mass sports publications. It will happen closer to the date of the beginning of games, in January - February 2014.

How to buy tickets for the Olympics?

On the website of the organizing committee you can not only seeschedule, but also to purchase tickets for the competition and the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. To do this, you need to register on the portal, specifying the name, surname, passport data, e-mail address. On it you will receive a password, with which you can become an authorized user and buy tickets. To pay for them, get a Visa card. Only with its help you can make a purchase. Enter the card number in the corresponding box, and next enter the three-digit code that is on the back of the card, next to the signature. These figures will allow you to make electronic transactions with your account, withdraw the amount necessary to pay for tickets, remotely.

Tip 2: How to find out the schedule of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

XXII Winter Olympic Games will be held in the southernthe city of Russia Sochi. This right was granted to him in 2007, during the meeting of the International Olympic Committee. In addition, the owners of this grand event was given the flag of the Winter Olympics. The Organizing Committee of the Games has already prepared an exciting program of sports and entertainment events, which will begin on February 7, 2014.

How to find out the schedule of the Winter Olympics in Sochi

Program of the Olympics

Currently, the schedule of competitions is alreadywas agreed with the International Olympic Committee and the federations of sports. The official website of the Olympics presents a full schedule of all events. From 7 to 23 February 2014 Sochi will become a place for truly exciting sporting events.

The Olympic Games will begin with a solemnopening ceremony on February 7, 2014, which will be held at the stadium "Fisht", located in the coastal cluster and accommodating up to 40 thousand people. The event will also be shown on the air by the main Russian and world channels. To see it with your own eyes, you need to purchase tickets on the official website of the Olympics. One of the colorful events of the Olympic Games will also be their closing ceremony, which will be held on 23 February. On the same day, there will be final sports competitions in cross-country skiing and final hockey matches.

The first competitions of the Winter Olympics will be held on 8February. Skaters and gold medals will be competed for this day by skaters, as well as skiers. One set of awards will be played in biathlon and freestyle, and immediately for two championship titles, participants in cross-country races will compete. On the same day, competitions will begin on hockey, figure skating, ski jumping and tobogganing.

Where will the competition take place

Places of competition will be sportsobjects located in the mountainous and coastal clusters of Sochi. Facilities for conducting competitions requiring a difference in heights (tobogganing, ski jumping, bobsleigh, snowboarding, etc.) are located in Krasnaya Polyana, forming a mountain cluster. There will also be races on cross-country skiing and biathlon. Especially for journalists and television, a media village has been built here.

Along the Black Sea coastIce grounds for tournaments in figure skating, hockey, curling and speed skating. There are also stadiums on which solemn and cultural events will be held.

Tip 3: Schedule of the 2014 Olympics

February in the whole world will be held under the sign of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Schedule of the 2014 Olympics

On February 7, the long-awaited solemnopening of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games "Sochi-2014". The Olympics will be held in fifteen sports competitions, united in seven winter sports. The program of the Olympics is painted for every day literally every minute! All the most famous sportsmen from all over the world will already arrive in Sochi, and we will only have to wait and support our future champions! Biathlon. Everybody's favorite and so popular biathlon in Russia is a long-awaited event! February 9 will be an individual race, February 15 - the pursuit race, February 18 - race with a general start, February 22 - relay race. And as for women's biathlon, the individual race will be held on February 9, and sprint-February 13. Snowboarding. This sport was once considered an entertainment for extreme sports, but in 1998 it was also included in the list of Olympic sports. And see dangerous dizzying bends and feel adrenaline you can 9-10, as well as 14, 19 and 20 February. It is at these dates that competitions will be held among snowboarders. Sledge sport (twin sledge). You can watch the races on the sleigh on February 12. Competitions for men on a single sled will be held on 8 and 9 February, and for women 10 and 11 February. Figure skating. On this day, you will see a pair of skating among the skaters. This kind of sport in our country is one of the most popular and beloved and attracts a huge number of spectators. This is one of the oldest disciplines at the Olympics. Individual program for men will be held on February 10, for women - on February 20. Pair skating will take place on February 13, and sports couples programs on February 17th. Ski jumps on the big trampoline. These most exciting ski jumping competitions are to be held on February 8 and 9 on the middle springboard, and on February 14 and 15 on a large springboard. Few people know what the athlete feels when flying on the skis from the mountain! But he still needs to be as high as possible and as far as possible of his rivals! Slalom-giant gates (women). On this day the women's most dangerous and spectacular competitions are the slalom-giant gates, located on the road to each other wider than in the usual slalom. Skiing, in which athletes will have to overcome the longest route in the shortest time, will be held on 11 February. And on February 19, will be dedicated to the slalom super-giant, here you will see both a downhill and a giant slalom. Hockey on ice. The most interesting organizers of the Olympics were left for dessert. On the closing day of the Olympic Games, the finals of ice hockey competitions for men will be held. You can be sure that on this day millions of viewers will watch the broadcasts on TV and tickets for matches on hockey in Sochi are sold already a long time ago. The solemn closing of the 2014 Olympics will be held on February 23. On this day all the medals won will be counted, and only three countries will win each prize-winner of the 2014 Olympic Games. Let's hope that our athletes will be among the best in all disciplines!