Tip 1: What should be gifts for the New Year 2015

Tip 1: What should be gifts for the New Year 2015

Most recently, all amicably celebrated the offensiveyear Horse, now it's already a year old Sheep 2015. There is nothing surprising in that people with this year connect new discoveries, hopes, successful undertakings. So I want to please loved ones with unusual gifts, but at the same time practical and beautiful. In order for gifts to be appropriate, it is necessary to take into account the symbol of the coming year 2015. And to think about this better in advance, so that two days before the festival did not have to rush to the shops.

What should be gifts for the New Year 2015?

Many people attach great importance to horoscopes,of course, it is everyone's business to ignore them or not. But still the New Year's Eastern symbolism is very popular. Do not forget that 2015 will be held under the auspices of the Wooden Green Sheep or Goat. Lambs are very funny and cute creatures. It's time to get candles, figurines, souvenirs and small soft figures in the form of these curly little animals.

For those who are engaged in their free timehandicrafts, you can advise yourself to make New Year's gifts, the benefit of the year 2015 still remains. Make an original cushion or embroidery with a picture of a goat or sew a sheep-tilde. Here everything depends on your imagination and your skills.

Budget versions of gifts for 2015 will bemagnets in the form of a symbol of 2015, of course, such at the end of the year will be released a lot. For the girl, you can pick a pretty pendant with a picture of a pretty lamb - such jewelry is in demand now.

Women are very easy to pick up gifts forhis family. They can become caps made of goat hair, socks, sweaters, towels. Naturally, the things that depict the talisman of 2015 will be actual.

In the East it is believed that the Goat is an animalpeace-loving, she does not tolerate coups and violence. She is characterized by good nature, prosperity, prosperity and stability. Therefore, gifts for the New Year 2015 should be chosen pleasant and peaceful.

Tree - the elements of the coming year. There are various wooden trinkets, dishes, souvenirs. Try to make sure that your gifts do not turn out to be formal - they should please your loved one and bring the family together. A gift should become the personification of your care for the family!

Tip 2: When will Easter be celebrated in 2015

Easter is an important festival of Christians whocopes since ancient times. The celebration was the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The date of Easter is calculated according to the solar-lunar calendar, therefore it is a passing holiday. In 2015, Catholics will celebrate Easter on April 5, Orthodox Christians - on April 12.

Easter in 2015



To calculate the date of the Christian holiday takethe basic rule that says that Easter should be celebrated on the first Sunday after the night of the spring full moon. Spring is the first achievement of the full moon after March 21 - the day of the equinox.


If the full moon comes before March 21, thenthe next full phase will be considered as Easter. In the event of a full moon falling on Sunday, Easter will be celebrated only next Sunday. Thus, to calculate the date, we use the inversion of our planet around the Sun (the day of the vernal equinox) and the revolution of the Moon around the Earth (full moon). Only the day of celebration is firmly established - this is Sunday.


Catholic and Orthodox Christians celebrateEaster at different times. This is due to the fact that they use different Paschalia to calculate the date. Eastern believers use the Alexandrian method, the western ones use the Gregorian Easter eggs. Catholic Easter in 30% of cases coincides with the Orthodox, 45% - ahead of seven days, 20% - for five weeks and 5% - for 4 weeks. Differences for three and two weeks does not happen.


Before Easter, Christians hold the Lent, whichends on the eve of the holiday. In 2015, it will begin on February 23 with the Orthodox and on February 18 with the Catholics. It is the fast that prepares the believer for the Passover. Great post lasts 40 days. According to the legend, Jesus fasted in the desert for as many days. After the holiday is the Easter week, on the fortieth day the Ascension of the Lord is celebrated, on the fiftieth - the Day of the Holy Trinity.


The symbols of the holiday are cakes, paintedeggs and cottage cheese Easter. Cakes and eggs mean Life, Easter brooks - Renewal, and Easter fire - Light. According to custom, eggs are painted in different colors, the traditional color remains red. According to legend, it was the red color that colored the egg when Mary Magdalena presented it as a gift to the emperor Tiberius.


On Easter night, believers go to church forsolemn deification. They carry a variety of dishes for lighting and blessing by the priest. Lunch should begin with a cake. Even the crumbs of this pie can not be thrown into the garbage. Also on this day, every Christian should be greeted by another with the words: "Christ is Risen!" And back to receive the answer: "Truly is risen!". The scope of the festivities on Easter day is associated with the Great Lent, when the people abstained from family holidays and events.