How to celebrate New Year with your beloved man

How to celebrate New Year with your beloved man

Meet the New Year alone with your beloved man -this is a great idea. The main thing is to think over the script of New Year's Eve. Of course, it would be great to go on a romantic trip to tropical islands, rent a room in a luxury hotel or book a table in an expensive restaurant. But not all couples can afford it. However, despair is not necessary - an unforgettable holiday of love, if desired, can be held even at home.

How to celebrate New Year with your beloved man



During the celebration of the New Year, you want a lotTo have time: to sit at a table with friends, to arrange New Year's fireworks and spend time alone with your second half. But is it possible to unite all this? If you invited your friends to your New Year celebration and you can not wait to enjoy your closeness with your loved one, you can retire in the bedroom or in the bathroom. The main thing is not to occupy the premises for more than 8-10 minutes, otherwise the guests who noticed your absence will go in search of lost owners. If your friends invited you to watch the fireworks, then during the walk you can kiss your beloved under the sound of exploding New Year firecrackers, play snowballs and lie in the snow, hugging each other. Returning home, you can wrap yourself in a warm blanket, warming each other with tender kisses and passionate embraces.


To arrange an unforgettable romantic evening,not necessarily go to an expensive hotel or a chic restaurant. A festive atmosphere can be created in your own apartment, and this process will take no more than 30 minutes. Turn off the light and light the candles, let your passion be heated up by the living fire. To create a festive entourage, place several crystal or glass vases filled with water around the room - the gleams from the lit candles will look just magical. Spread the skin on the floor - not a single sheet feels like a real fur, which gently caresses and tickles the naked body. If you do not have fur skins, you can sit with your loved one on a terry carpet, putting a bottle of sparkling wine and a fruit bowl next to you. Include nostalgic music - let the romantic melodies touch the strings of the soul, kindling your passion.


Any romance has the ability to quickly become boring,if it is not diluted with something unusual and playful. So, you can arrange a joint body art, drawing each other's New Year costumes, using for this purpose special easily washed colors. Light gentle touches of a brush on the naked body not only excite and excite, but also excite the imagination. After that, you can go with your lover to the bathroom, where you will wash your drawings off each other's bodies with the help of airy and fragrant foam and, possibly, go to "hot" classes.


Strengthen sexual arousal withcorrectly composed menu. At the New Year's table should be present products such as nuts, chocolate, exotic fruits, shrimp, oysters, mussels and other seafood, which are excellent aphrodisiacs. Drink the dishes best with champagne or wine.


Make each other sensual eroticmassage with the use of essential citrus oils. Thus, the aroma of lemon excites the imagination and inspires love experiments in bed, the smell of juicy orange raises the mood and gives a sense of happiness, and the aroma of the grapefruit awakens an unbridled passion between the partners.


Some moments can spoil the romanticmood on New Year's Eve. For example, do not decorate the bare body with Christmas tinsel and rain, as they can cause irritation on the skin. It's better to stop using strong spirits and hearty dishes - after such New Year's treats, even the most tireless lover-hero quickly turn into an innocuous teddy bear. If in the coming year you do not plan to have a nice little baby, then even in the midst of a crazy passion, do not forget about protection.