How fun to celebrate the New Year with friends

How fun to celebrate the New Year with friends

If this year you decided to spend a New Year's Eveparty at home, then it is necessary to think over the details of the plan of the festive event. After all, the successful organization of the holiday will depend on how much fun New Year's Eve will be.

How fun to celebrate the New Year with friends


To begin with it is necessary to be defined with a place where youwant to celebrate the New Year with your friends. When choosing a place for a New Year's celebration, it is necessary to take into account such parameters as the convenience of its location and the number of guests invited to the party. If the dimensions of your home do not allow you to place a large company in it, then during the holiday it is better to rent a separate apartment.

Ideal - go to a country house,where in addition to the traditional feast and New Year's competitions you can have fun playing with your friends in snowballs or just fooling around in the snow. It is good, if on the territory of the countryside there will be a sauna or a sauna, where you can spend the second day of the New Year celebration. As an option, all the New Year's celebration can be held in the sauna, thus combining the pleasant with the useful, however, to abuse strong spirits in this case is not worth it.

Theme of the New Year celebration

The theme of the New Year holiday does not have to bebe tied to the talisman of the coming year or meet generally accepted standards. You can make a costume party associated with a certain theme (for example, a gangster, pirate or pajama party), organize a holiday in a certain color, to which guests should come, say, in red clothes or carry an accessory of this color. From the chosen theme and color scheme of the party will also depend on the decor of the room, decorating the Christmas tree and serving the festive table.

If you want to maximize the party totheme of the New Year, then in advance, consider for the guests certain roles that they will adhere to throughout the New Year's Eve. It can be well-known fairy-tale characters, Snow Maiden, Santa Claus or fictional heroes.

The choice of one or another theme of the New Year's celebrationdepends solely on your personal preferences, tastes and desires, but, in any case, the thematic focus will create a special atmosphere of the party and a general fun at the party.

New Year's contests

Do not be too lazy to prepare funny and interestingContests for their guests, for participation in which they will receive memorable prizes. If among the invited there will be no underage guests, the New Year's contests may have a slightly "adult" character.

If you want to please your guests, thenin advance prepare for them New Year's gifts - they can be made by own hands or bought in a shop. Gifts do not have to be expensive, the main thing is that they are original and memorable. New Year's souvenirs can be put under a tree or played in the form of a festive lottery.

Festive table

What dishes will be present on theNew Year's table, depends, first of all, on your personal preferences and financial possibilities. Do not chase the novelties, if your guests will wait for the traditional salad olivier, or vice versa, abandon the classic dishes, if the soul asks for something unusual and original. The main thing is not to cook too much, so that the remaining products do not have to be eaten for another week. Try to assess in advance the appetites of guests invited to the party - this will allow you to calculate the required number of servings.

To create a festive atmosphere at a partyspecial attention should be given to the design and serving of the New Year's table. Your guests must first "have eyes" and only then proceed to assess the taste of the dishes presented on the festive table.