How to Meet the Year Sheep

How to Meet the Year Sheep

Very soon the New Year holidays and manystart to think about how to meet them. I want this magical time not only to be remembered for a long time, but also for the whole year gave a charge of excellent mood. That is why the meeting of the New 2015 should be prepared in advance.

How to Meet the Year Sheep



The upcoming 2015 will be held under the sign of a blue (green) wooden Sheep. Therefore, the main colors of the year are all shades of green and blue. They will bring good luck and happiness.


The New Year's table must necessarily be decorated with figures Sheep - it can be wooden or ordinary soft toys. In this case, the Sheep will be cured.


Meet the Year Sheep can be worn in any clothing, for examplein trousers, a T-shirt, jeans or a shirt. The most important thing is that the coloring of clothes corresponds to the color of the coming year, that is, there must be blue or green shades, as well as turquoise, blue or azure.


The coming year Sheep should be celebrated at home andonly in the family circle, since this animal loves its home very much and is domestic. However, in case you have to spend the New Year at work - do not worry, just decorate your workplace with tinsel, garlands, a small Christmas tree and candles.


On the eve of the New Year, give all your loved ones,and also to friends small souvenirs in the form of Sheep - they will necessarily bring good luck. Do not forget about poetry, wishes for their household. Be sure to wish success in business and work, good health and happiness. A couple of minutes before the New Year, do not forget to say goodbye to the year of the Horse, thanking him for what he brought - for memorable rest, education, happy acquaintances, and also for the health of family and friends.