How to make New Year handmade cards

How to make New Year handmade cards

Postcard handmade - a great waycongratulate friends and family on the New Year. Remember the good old traditions, when all the packs signed postcards and sent them by mail across the country. Telephone calls and social networks have replaced these congratulations. But remember the old days and just make New Year handmade cards, you will not be difficult.

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The easiest way to make New Year cardshandmade - buy a set for creating postcards. It has several sheets of decorative cardboard and paper, silk ribbons, rhinestones, beads and other decor. Having bought such a set, you will make a lot of New Year's cards, having saved yourself from the problem of choosing the material in a tone. Together with the set buy a paper for pastels. Choose density more. This will be the basis for your postcards. Make paper from New Year's application. Let it be New Year's toys, Christmas trees, snowmen. Glue them on the base, decorate with rhinestones, decorative ribbons, make inscriptions with helium handles.


If you can not draw, put a sheet in halfthick cardboard. In order to make a New Year's card, take a stencil. You can buy it in the goods department for a hobby or do it yourself. Place a stencil on the front of the postcard. Spray the acrylic paint. Wait until the paint has dried. Top with a sponge, slightly highlighting individual places, golden paint. After the paint has dried, decorate the card with a bow. Make the inscription a helium pen of gold color. It's very easy to make New Year's cards handmade using old magazines. Take a magazine with bright pictures. Cut the strips out of it. The largest strip will be 10 cm by 1.5 cm. Then cut the strips along the contour of the Christmas tree. Each next bar will be shorter than the previous one. And so to the crown of an improvised Christmas tree. Glue strips on the front side of the postcard. Draw a border around the border postcards and snowflakes around the tree. Make the inscription.


Calling for help fantasyElochka - traditionalsymbol of the New Year. On the eve of the New Year, creative designers suggest making Christmas trees from a variety of materials. Fantasize and you in this direction. Make a herringbone on the postcard of coffee beans, bright buttons, textile flowers. Or cut the cork into mugs, paste them on the postcard. Look around - making New Year handmade cards is very simple. There will always be material that will help to realize all your New Year's ideas.