Cooking space for the New Year and a new life

Cooking space for the New Year and a new life

It is believed that with the beginning of the new year you can change your life for the better. You just need to try a little, prepare for his meeting.

Cooking space for the New Year and a new life

Begin with the general cleaning of the house, thiswill help not only to transform housing, but also to cope with the stagnation of energy in it. It is better to start cleaning a couple of months before the holiday, since it will require a lot of effort and time.

First, look at the contents of yourcabinets, throw out of them all unnecessary. In this case, do not spare the obsolete junk of the century, it still lies dead weight, but as soon as you part with it, in your life there will be new, really necessary things.

Having dealt with the cabinets, proceed to thecritical examination of the apartment as a whole. If you have long been irritated by the curtains donated by someone from your relatives or the old grandmother's carpet, but the hand does not rise to get rid of family "jewels", be brave and give yourself liberation from them. Arrange your life to your liking, so you will live in harmony with yourself and the world.

After all, in fact, no matter how tender you areto your family members, if their presents do not cause you positive emotions, then admiring and using them through virtue will not bring anything good. Perhaps, on the contrary, where in the depths of your soul my beloved Aunt Klava will be associated with the huge floor vase she gave for her birthday and for which, in your small apartment, the last free corner was selected. Of course, such associations will not help to strengthen family ties.

So, after you got rid of everythingold, obsolete and unnecessary. Start small cosmetic repairs, on the eve of the New Year it will be very welcome. Glue the wallpaper and tint the door if necessary. Pay attention to the condition of the bathroom, it often requires minor repairs. A new life should begin without dripping faucets and a leaking toilet bowl, it's not for nothing, practicing feng shui, believe that with the flow of water thus flowing away happiness and money from the family.

The next stage of the big harvest before the holidaywill be bringing order. Do not be lazy, move cupboards, beds and sofas, sweep dust from the most remote corners of the apartment. This phase usually falls on the last weeks before the New Year's Eve and is the end of a great harvest. After completing it, start decorating your home to your taste, be sure to fill it with your favorite smells, give him the amulet symbolizing the coming year. After such preparation, the holidays in your house will be the most fun, and a new life will bring a lot of positive.