Tip 1: What is cold laser lipolysis?

Tip 1: What is cold laser lipolysis?

Cold laser lipolysis is one of the mostpopular ways of effective weight loss. During the procedure, the process of active destruction of fat cells occurs under the influence of laser energy.

What is cold laser lipolysis?

Effectiveness of cold laser lipolysis

Cold laser lipolysis will help effectivelyRemove fat, if the use of diets and loads does not give the desired result. A special Lipobeltlaser laser is used for this procedure. Lipolysis is performed using an optical fiber probe, which is injected under the skin. The probe has a head emitting a low-intensity laser. Under its influence, selective removal of fat cells takes place, the fat itself is absorbed into the bloodstream, and then enters the liver with blood, where it is neutralized. In some cases, doctors can pump it out by combining laser and vacuum lipolysis. The duration of the procedure is, on average, one and a half to two hours. The number of procedures depends on the available excess weight, the state of the body. On average, about 500 ml of fat is removed in one session. According to reviews the result appears after about 3-4 weeks. When using the laser, blood vessels, nerve fibers are not damaged, after the introduction of the probe, a small hem remains on the skin.
This procedure is a stimulant of collagen, after it the skin will become elastic and elastic.
Cold laser lipolysis is contraindicated inpregnancy and during lactation (lactation), with blood diseases, the presence of problems with blood coagulability, liver disease. This procedure is not used as a cure for obesity, it will be effective for the purpose of contouring the figure with an aesthetic purpose.

Recommendations for patients who underwent cold laser lipolysis

Cold laser lipolysis is minimally invasiveprocedure, after its carrying out it is possible to start daily affairs. However, doctors recommend a rest immediately after it for a while (at least one hour). Compress or bandage at the puncture site should be kept for two more days (if lipolysis was performed on the face and chin). If the procedure was performed on the body, the bandage should be worn for a week. Place the probe should be clean. To avoid infectious complications, within five days you need to take antibiotics, which will select a doctor.
Do not take alcohol within 24 hours after the procedure.
Two weeks after lipolysis should be carried outself-massage of those parts of the body from which fat was pumped out. When you have painful swelling or redness in the area of ​​the procedure should always consult a doctor. Within a few weeks after lipolysis, excessive loads and exercise should be avoided.

Tip 2: Hardware RF lipolysis against skin flabbiness and cellulite

Among all available on the market care proceduresfor the body I would like to highlight RF-lipolysis and that's why: - Firstly, efficiency. Smoothness, skin density becomes better at the end of the first procedure. It is noticed that after 2-3 times already there is a clinical result. - Secondly, universality and safety. Unlike mesotherapy injections, which have more contraindications, hardware lipolysis can be done even for lactating mothers. - Thirdly, there is no recovery period.

Hardware RF lipolysis against skin flabbiness and cellulite

How does RF lipolysis work? The device produces radio-wave energy, which penetrates deep layers of the skin. A certain temperature regime of 38-40 degrees is applied to the local parts of the body. But you should not be afraid, there are no unpleasant sensations. Pleasant warmth, even relaxes the body and creates a sense of relaxation. After the procedure, "deep heat" is stored for several hours, the worked skin area for 15-20 minutes looks pink. As a result of local heat exposure, the lipolysis process is started. Such a device is indispensable for working on the "dead zones" - the sides, breeches, knees. RF not only improves the quality of the skin, but also reduces the fatty layer itself. Under the influence of thermal energy, the fat tissue is destroyed, as it were "evaporated", since it consists of water cells. Thus, there is a decrease in volume and at the same time a lifting of the body. The procedure is carried out once a week and takes about 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the area of ​​the body being treated.

What does this procedure combat, and what indicationsfor RF-lipolysis? - This is a correction and modeling of the body contours. The contour of the body is tightened. Excellent effect and result is visible on 3-4 procedure. - Cellulite removal and local lipolysis. - Thermolifting of the skin. Strengthening and leveling of the skin relief, elimination of sagging and sagging of the skin.

Painless, effective and, not least, prolonged action make this procedure increasingly popular and demanded among the hardware procedures.

Tip 3: LPG massage as an alternative to diet

LPG-massage combines vacuum andmechanical effect on the skin at the same time. As a result, soft tissues are actively kneaded, which is carried out by rotating arms. As a result, you get simulation contours, lymph drainage and lipolysis.

Massage by manipulation.

How useful is LPG massage

This procedure is aimed at eliminating"orange peel" and increase the elasticity of the skin. Due to the fact that the massage on the apparatus LPG has an effect on subcutaneous fat tissue, the weight normalizes. A person's condition improves significantly, together with his general physical condition.

Before carrying out the procedure on the skin of the face,the doctor must necessarily make a make-up remover, cleanse the face. If the procedure is on the body, then you will need to wear the endermological suit provided for this massage. It is made of a thin fabric, reminiscent of capron. Such a suit helps the manipulators of the device to correctly capture the skin fold.

The LPG procedure has its own standards,they are prescribed from which zone to start the massage correctly. The sequence of the treated zones will depend on what goal you set for the doctor. The effect of LPG is colossal. This is the alignment of the reliefs, and the elimination of edema, as well as the normalization of blood circulation due to lymph drainage. During the procedure, the internal organs are affected, which leads to a reduction in fatigue.

LPG massage is a course procedure, with2-3 days apart. In total, the course of procedures can be from 10 to 20, the exact number is appointed by the doctor, after the initial admission. At the end of the course, it is recommended to hold a supportive massage of the problem area once a month.

Tip 4: The elasticity of the chest will return green coffee

After pregnancy and childbirth, many womenthere is a problem with the breast. It loses its former shape, elasticity, becomes flabby and ugly. Return to her former form is possible with the help of special wraps, proper nutrition and certain physical exercises. As for the wraps, one of the most effective ways is wrapping with green coffee.

Green coffee

The benefits of wrapping with green coffee arethat the skin, saturated with caffeine, is toned down, its condition improves, metabolism is activated, lipolysis is accelerated, and tone rises. Also, such a wrap helps to reduce body weight and, if necessary, you can wrap all the problem areas of the body. It is very important that the coffee beans are not roasted, because Only in green grains contains the main strength of this plant. In addition, you need a hank of food film, which will serve as a thermal insulator. The warming effect will be created by a warm blanket or a heated blanket. The method of preparation of the mixture is quite simple: for one serving of the mixture, 50-100 grams of grains are required. They need to be ground in a coffee grinder. Then the mixture must be applied to the chest area, covered with a food film on top, covered with a warm blanket or blanket and lie for 30 minutes. It should be noted that there are contraindications for wrapping with green coffee. Like any restorative procedure, the wrap is contraindicated for people suffering from vascular diseases and having problems with the veins. Also wraps are forbidden to pregnant women and women within 7 days after giving birth. Wrapping is quite possible to conduct independently at home, and the effect will be the same as after a visit to the salon. The main thing is to carry out the procedure regularly.