Where to buy potassium permanganate

Where to buy potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate, which is potassium permanganate,In everyday life, commonly referred to as potassium permanganate, it is a known means for treating wounds. A weak solution of potassium permanganate is also used for gastric lavage. A couple of decades ago, this dark powder could be bought freely in any pharmacy. Now potassium permanganate can not be found in any pharmacy, but there are other places where it can be bought freely.

Manganquoca is a multi-generation wound treatment product


Potassium permanganate is not sold in all pharmacies fortwo reasons. First, this so innocent-looking powder is a component for making explosives. True, for the bomb it will need quite a lot. Secondly, modern pharmacies do not always have conditions for storing potassium permanganate. Powder of potassium permanganate dissolves easily in water, so store it in a dry place. This means, most likely, will not be in the pharmacy, the assortment of which consists mainly of hygiene products and food additives. But there, where all sorts of ointments and potions are made to order, there is certainly potassium permanganate. In any case, you just need to ask the pharmacist. For sale, potassium permanganate in bags or small jars of 3 grams. But it is better to ask the doctor beforehand for a prescription.
Potassium permanganate powder is stored for a very long time, so if it was found in the grandmother's closet - they can be used.

Store of chemical reagents

Powder of potassium permanganate is also used forchemical experiments. Therefore, it can be purchased at a chemical reagent store. Unfortunately, such stores are not even in all regional centers. But in Moscow and St. Petersburg they are, and there you will be offered this product - although they can ask for an application from the school or college.
Some stores of chemical reagents and pharmacies trade, including through the Internet. Manganese, like any substance, can be ordered directly on the site.

Goods for gardeners

A solution of potassium permanganate is also used ingardening. This is a recognized remedy for some very common plant diseases. Therefore, take a walk to the nearest store, where you sell goods for gardeners, and take an interest there. Potassium permanganate is usually there, but more often in solution. You can use the services of an online store for gardeners. You can even offer potassium permanganate in a kilogram package. This amount of potassium permanganate is hardly needed for medical purposes, because even for a concentrated solution, only a few crystals are needed. But potassium permanganate can be stored forever, if you comply with the conditions. The most common is a conventional glass jar with a well-closed lid. The bank should be washed properly and dried very carefully. In pharmacies, potassium permanganate is usually stored in vessels with hermetically sealed caps, but this is not necessary at home. The substance itself is not aggressive, and most importantly in storage - do not allow the formation of moisture. So that not only the bank, but also the waxed paper bag will be suitable for storage. Potassium permanganate should not be contacted with glycerin and certain other substances.