How to replace a driver's license with a change of name

How to replace a driver's license with a change of name

Since November 5, 2014, a new law has been introduced,It is obligatory to replace the driver's license when changing the surname. The time limit set for these actions is 10 days. In case of untimely replacement of the driver's license, penalties are stipulated, in the amount of 5,000 to 10,000 thousand rubles.

How to replace a driver's license with a change of name

First of all, to replace the certificate,check the presence of the driver's medical certificate and the period of its validity. In the event that the card has expired, it is necessary to receive a new one. To do this, you need to contact the clinic at your place of residence, as a rule, for the passage of this type of medical examination, a special time is allocated, when the necessary doctors do not have a flow of the main patients.

The sum of the medical examination of drivers in the Krasnodar Territoryis: for men 1701 rubles, for women 1829 rubles. The amounts can vary depending on the regions, the data are provided by own experience during the passage of the commission in the village of Dinskaya. By the time the procedure takes no more than 1.5 hours, with you need to have a passport and 2 photos 3 by 4 cm.

After receiving a medical card, you can go to the SAI (after specifying the hours of reception of citizens). At itself it is necessary to have:

- an application for the replacement of a driver's license (issued by the State Automobile Inspection);

- certificate of marriage or documents confirming the change of name;

- passport;

- the previous driving license;

- a receipt, about payment of the state duty (it is paid in the same place in GAI and it is equal 800 rubles);

- driver's medical card.

All documents are given to the inspector, after checking them, instead of the old one, you get a new driver's license. The procedure for making new documents is about 15 minutes.

Driving license, replaced because ofchange of surname, has a validity period, as the previous document. For example, if the rights were in force until 2019 - the new ones will operate the same way until 2019.