How to send a quotation bid

How to send a quotation bid

Procurement, quotes ... These words can scarea person who does not have special knowledge in the acquisition of material values ​​for the organization or enterprise. Meanwhile, the request for quotations is the simplest form of holding a tender in comparison with the auction and bidding.

Quoted bid: review process

According to the 44-FZ regulating the filing procedurequotations, which came into force on January 1, 2014, the main parameter in their consideration is the price. The bidder who wins the lowest price of the goods wins. The other characteristics are simply not taken into account.

The quotation application is a legal document,which must meet a number of requirements. Obligatory are the name of the organization, postal address, bank details, TIN of the procurement participant. The quoted application is made out for any goods. In accordance with this, it should contain the names of goods with indications of their characteristics, the price of the goods. In addition, an entrepreneur or an organization wishing to participate in tenders must necessarily agree to the fulfillment of the terms of the contract in case of winning the tender.

According to 44-FZ, quoted bids are plannedsubmit through a single information system. However, for the time being this function remains unrealized, therefore, quotation requests are submitted by e-mail. To exclude mass dissemination of information, the quotation application must necessarily be signed by the EDS. The recipient of the quoted application in the reply message sends a confirmation of receipt of the application indicating the name and address of the recipient, as well as the date and exact time of receipt. One day is given for consideration of the application.

It is worth saying that any other communication between the recipient and the sender of the quotation application is not allowed.