How to fill in a car purchase agreement

How to fill in a car purchase agreement

Many of us sooner or later come to thoughtchange public transport to your own car. It also happens that the owner of the car, after spending some time on it, sells it in the hope of buying a new one. In both cases, it is impossible to do without a contract.

How to buy a car

In what form is the contract of sale

You can sell the car under a contract concluded insimple writing. By mutual consent, the parties can notify their deal with the notary. In this case, there will be additional costs associated with the registration of the necessary securities. The car purchase and sale contract is made in triplicate: one for the parties and the traffic police body, in which the purchased car will then be registered.

What should be in the contract

The contract for the sale of the machine must consist ofseveral sections. It begins with a preamble, which indicates the date of the contract, as well as full information about its sides. In addition, you should write the name: "The contract of sale and purchase of the car." The main part of the contract is its subject. Here you should see the model of the car, its color, year of manufacture, mileage. In addition, it is necessary to indicate the state number of the machine, as well as the numbers of its main units (body, engine). In order to ensure that the buyer does not have any problems in the future, it is reasonable to make a reservation in the subject matter of the contract that the vehicle being sold is not in hijacking, in bail, under arrest, and also on him there are no rights from third parties. In the contract section, concerning the cost of the machine, it is necessary to describe not only the sale price, but also the order of its payment. Ideally, the wording will sound that the seller received the money for the car from the buyer before or at the time of signing the contract. The contract must have items concerning the technical condition of the machine. It is important to specify all external and internal defects of the car, which were identified by the parties when signing the contract. These provisions will help to protect the seller from possible claims from the buyer regarding the quality of the sold car. In addition, information about the condition of the car does not interfere with the buyer. The parties must specify in the contract a list of those documents and things that are transferred with the car. This includes documents for the car, a set of keys, necessary accessories (wheels and tires, car radio, tools, spare parts, etc.) Complete the contract details and signatures of the parties. If the contract is concluded between citizens, their full name, place of residence, as well as passport data and contact phone number are indicated. In the case when the car is purchased from the enterprise, the contract is additionally sealed by its seal.