Two directors in LLC

Two directors in LLC

Two directors in LLC - this is an opportunity for moreEffectively manage the company. Until recently, it was only possible to dream of appointing several heads of a legal entity. But the amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation radically changed the existing order of company management.

Two directors in LLC

Some business representatives did not representHow to appoint two directors at once, others tried to do it, but their attempts were not crowned with success. And from 01.09.2014 the Civil Code of the Russian Federation allows you to assign 2 or more persons to the powers of the sole executive body. What does this mean? Such an amendment makes it possible to elect several directors in the company. Although you can call them anything you like - director, CEO, president. The main thing is to reflect the title of the post in the statute.

To implement this possibility it is necessary to observe the following conditions:

  • to fix in the statute the provision stating that two (more and more) persons are entitled to the sole executive body;
  • information about all the company's managers should be reflected in the USRLE.

The question arises: what is the purpose of appointing several directors to OOO? The law specifies several cases when such an appointment is possible:

  • When there is a need for a differentiation of powers betweendirectors (for example, one director deals with personnel matters - concludes employment contracts, issues orders, etc., and the other - concludes economic contracts);
  • In cases where the consent of all(for example, you can specify in the statute that you can dispose of funds on the company's account only with the consent of both directors).

And in this case it is necessary in the charter of the companyReflect how the two directors in the LLC will interact - whether they have different powers or they will work on the principle of "two keys", that is, make joint decisions.