How to limit Internet access time

How to limit Internet access time

Many parents are concerned about the amount of time a child spends in internet. In order to limit this time, you can use one of several programs designed for this, for example, Kaspersky PURE.

How to limit Internet access time



Start Kaspersky CRYSTAL, and then clickto the Parental Control panel. You will need to set a password that prevents changing the settings in this menu. Click the "Set Parental Control Password" link, and then check the "Settings for program settings" in the "Password scope" group. Then enter the password in the "Confirm password" field and click OK.


Click the "Users" tab. Activate the parental control if it is disabled. From the list of accounts, select all or those under which your child can log into the computer. After that, click the "Configure" button.


In the left part of the window, which before you opened,Select "Use", and on the right - "Enable". In the "Restriction" group, select the "Restrict use on specified days of the week" checkbox. With this menu item, you restrict Internet access to time days and days of the week indicated in the table. To configure, click on one of the "Deny" buttons below the table, and then click on the intersections of the specified rows and columns that mean time days and days of the week, respectively. Be sure to turn off the "Restrict daily time work ", then click on the OK button.


You can also limit the total time work carried out by the child in the network. To do this, in the "Enable" option, you must tick the "Restrict daily time work ", and then specify the total duration of work in the network in hours and minutes in the field. Remember that you also need to check the option "Restrict daily time".


After that, enter the password protectingsettings from their changes and click OK. Now, if your child will use the Internet over the limit or in the hours not intended for this, a window will appear with a corresponding warning.