How to choose a good bath

How to choose a good bath

In our time, stores offer customers a wide range of bathtubs, different in shape, color and material. What needs to be done in order not to get lost in such an abundance of beauty?

Acrylic bath



The cost of a bath depends only on the qualitymaterial from which it is made. The cheapest steel is. The manufacture of such baths is made by extruding a sheet of rolled steel with a thickness of two millimeters, foreign manufacturers produce baths with a thickness of 3.2 millimeters, which makes them more durable. The main disadvantage of the steel bath is its heat exchange characteristics, it is very quickly heated, but also cools quickly. Therefore, to soak in hot water will not work long. And also at blows at such baths the enamel easily perishes, it leads to exposure of metal and its further corrosion.


A great popularity was won by the cast-iron bath, despite its great weight and monotony. However, such baths keep their heat better than others and do not rust at all.


Acrylic bathtubs will not go unnoticed atmodern buyers. Their main feature is beauty and various forms, as well as light weight and ease of use. You can wash these baths with special cleaning agents or a regular powder.


The main rival of the acrylic bath isa bath of fiberglass, this material is more durable and environmentally friendly. In addition, they are presented in a wide range of colors. Their main disadvantage is the high price.