What is acrylic fiber

What is acrylic fiber

Acrylic - artificial fiber, similar toproperties on the wool and initially created as its substitute. The acrylic fiber is made from an acrylonitrile polymer, usually with the addition of a small amount of other chemicals that improve the ability to absorb the dyes. Acrylic fiber makes clothes, home furnishings, some manufactured goods.

Umbrella made of acrylic fiber

History of the material

The first acrylic fiber was obtained in the laboratoryAmerican chemical company DuPont. A new substance that originally dubbed "fiber A" (Fiber A), was developed as a synthetic analogue of wool and was intended to replace it. In 1950, the material was put into production at a factory in Camden, South Carolina under the trademark Orlon. DuPont first produced the material in the form of filament yarns. However, sales volumes were disappointing. The filaments were poorly colored. Their natural yellowish-gray color was suitable only for window awnings and curtains. Since May 1952, at the same plant, an orlon was produced in the form of staple fiber, similar in structure to wool. The idea was successful. In the fifties, women's sweaters made of this material became fashionable. Soon, the annual sales of fiber exceeded one million dollars. In the sixties, new varieties of acrylic fibers were developed, designed to meet specific needs. New combinations of fabrics, fibers for carpets were offered. These efforts, coupled with the development of the European market, allowed to maintain a high demand for acrylic fibers until the end of the seventies. Today, the production of acrylic fiber is concentrated mainly in the countries of southeast Asia, Turkey and Latin America. Also, a number of European manufacturers, in particular Dralon and Fisipe, continue to work. At home, the same acrylic fiber - North America - its release was stopped in the early nineties.

Application of acrylic fiber

Acrylic fiber is light and soft, holds wellheat. According to the characteristics, it is most similar to wool. Manufacture of it knitted products, such as sweaters and jackets, bedding, carpets and soft toys. Made of this synthetic material is also sports suits, gloves, hats, scarves, socks and much more. The advantages of acrylic fibers include their resistance to sunlight and chemicals. In addition, they easily crumple and quickly restore the form, do not eat moth and other harmful insects, are not susceptible to high humidity. It is easy to take care of products made of acrylic fibers. True, things from acrylic fibers can lose shape when washed in hot water. Therefore, it is recommended to wash them at a low water temperature - no more than 40 degrees, gently rinse and gently squeeze.