Funny fortune-telling on the computer

Funny fortune-telling on the computer

Of course, fortune telling is a serious matter and should be approachedthey need to be responsible, but sometimes you just want to have fun and learn your future with unconventional prediction methods that sometimes give very accurate predictions about the future.

Funny fortune-telling on the computer

Guessing in the name of the future husband. For this divination, you need to go to some chat room, and ask the name of the first young man who comes across. It is believed that this is how they will presumably call your future spouse.

Guessing for the future. For this type of fortune telling, you will need to go tosome popular movie site. Well think over your question and at random open a page with the film. The genre of cinema, description, budget and even reviews of the audience and will be the answer to your question.

Sometimes this fortune telling can predict verya lot of interesting. For example, on the girl's question "How will my relationship with the guy go on?", A very entertaining reply was received: "This adventure fantasy series with unexpected twists of the story has already caught on to the audience. You are waiting for the new incredible adventures of the characters of the series ... "

If your question is about money, then you need to payattention to the budget of the film. You are on a blockbuster with a multi-million plot - it means everything is fine, money will be, if on a low-budget third-rate film, then, alas, the wealth does not yet shine.

Guessing on songs. Prepare a list of songs in advance. It is desirable that they were many and different genres. Open the player on your computer, mentally formulate your question, close your eyes and spin the mouse wheel back and forth. Now click at random. The sound of the song will be the answer to your question.

Guessing on the search engines. Open any search engine on your computer. Well think over the question you want to get an answer to. Now close your eyes and randomly enter into the search string three or four characters. The first picture that corresponds to your request and will be the answer to your question.