How to make a fur-tree toy of papier-mache

How to make a fur-tree toy of papier-mache

Papier-mache - plastic and very light ondrying material with which it is a pleasure to work. To surprise the loved ones for the New Year, you can make cute toys with your own hands, which will decorate any tree.

How to make a fur-tree toy of papier-mache

You will need

  • For the mass of papier-mâché:
  • - paper substrate from under the eggs or toilet paper;
  • - hot water;
  • - glue PVA-M;
  • - sandpaper.
  • For toys:
  • - paper clips;
  • - Acrylic colors and white;
  • - glitters;
  • - waxed thread or satin ribbon.



How to make massTo do it yourselfa mass of papier-mache, soak the under-egg substrates for an hour in hot water or boil them for half an hour. When the water cools down, very carefully wring out the resulting gruel and gradually add the PVA glue into it, parallel stretching. As a result, you should get a plastic mass that keeps the shape well and does not stick to your hands.


It is possible to do easier - to soak a toilet rollpaper in a small amount of water, also wring out and add glue. From the previous mass, this will be more homogeneous. From it you can make small toys on a frame with a fine elaboration of the features.


The most creative and fascinating stage -actually molding. Since you are going to make Christmas toys, you have to think about how they will cling to the Christmas tree. The easiest way is to use a regular clip, unbolt it so that two ears come from opposite ends. A small eyelet must be drowned in a toy, and a large one will become a loop for tying the thread.


When toys are formed, it is necessary to allow them to dry. It is best to do this on a hot battery - so it takes no more than a day. On drying the product should be very light.


The next stage is sanding products with sandpaper. You need to start the skin with a large grain, gradually replacing the thinner.


Do not over-smooth - some roughness gives toys a special charm. In the photo there are two toys - the first one is prepared for drawing, the second is left as is.


Before decorating the product of papier-mache, it is necessary to primer. In the role of a primer is the same PVA-M glue, which was used to create the mass. Allow to dry.


An important step is to cover the toys with white paint so that the pattern applied on top is especially bright.


When the toy is polished, primed and covered with whitewash, it will remain to decorate it at will.