How to make a heavenly torch with your own hands

How to make a heavenly torch with your own hands

Tradition to launch into the sky Chinese lanterns onThe new year has become more popular lately. However, very few people know that this New Year's attribute can not only be bought in the store, but also made independently from improvised means.

How to make a heavenly torch with your own hands

You will need

  • - garbage bags;
  • - Scotch tape;
  • - thin wire;
  • - candlestick from a small floating candle or foil from chocolate;
  • - wadding;
  • - a combustible substance (in liquid or solid state).



Heavenly Chinese lantern consists of three parts: a dome, a metal frame and a burner. Each part is made separately, and then assembled into a single structure. It is best to start in the dome. In the traditional version, the dome of a celestial flashlight is made of thin rice paper, but since it is not so easy to find this material, it can be replaced with ordinary trash bags (you need to buy the cheapest trash bags, since they are thin and light).


To make a dome, we take two trash bagsin volume of 30 liters, then at one package we cut the bottom and connect it with the second bag with the help of an adhesive tape. Should get a cylinder, in the upper part of which is the bottom of the second package, and in the lower part - the neck of the first.


Skeleton of a self-made flying flashlightis a ring that coincides in diameter with the dome, and the cross on which the burner is attached. The ring and the cross are made of thin wire. As an option, you can do without a ring, limited to a single spider - this measure will help ease the design.


The next step is the manufacture of the burner, inthe quality of which can be a candlestick from a small floating candle. If desired, you can make it yourself from foil from chocolate. The finished burner is fixed in the center of the crosspiece of the frame.


Next, using a tape, connect the dome with a metal frame, after which the heavenly flashlight hand-made will be ready for the flight.


As a fuel, you can use a piece of cotton wool impregnated with liquid fuel, or a quarter of a tablet of dry fuel.