How to Bet on the Ring

How to Bet on the Ring

These simple and effective enough fortune-tellinghelp you lift the veil of secrecy and try to look into the future. Rings have been used for a long time in fortune predictions and are a powerful energy carrier. To conduct these rituals, no special training is required. The main thing is to observe a few simple rules, so that the results of the divination will be more accurate.

How to Bet on the Ring

Fortune Tellers

For this divination, you will need a ring thatyou often wear, you can take an engagement. Pour water into the transparent glass slightly to the brim. The water used in divination should be flowing. You can also use thawed water, but in no case can you pour plain tap water, even filtered. This is dead water, which does not carry any information, so the results of the fortune telling will be inaccurate.

Take a glass filled with water, and squeeze intopalms. Concentrate and think about what you are most concerned about, relax, reflect on life, take your time. Now gently lower the ring into the glass and take it out into the street on a frosty night.

The result of divination will be clear when waterin a glass it will freeze. Now look at the surface of the frozen glass. If it remains smooth, then in the near future you will have a quiet and cloudless life. Everything will turn out well. If there are hillocks on the surface, then wait for the addition in the family.

You can often see on a frozen surfacefigurines of animals, letters and even people's faces. These symbols will help you understand what awaits you in the near future. Who should be afraid and who can I turn to for help in difficult moments.

Divination for future marriage

For this divination, you need an engagement ring,which belonged to your close relative and a glass of water. Dissolve the hair and take off all the jewelry. With your left hand, lower the engagement ring to the bottom of the glass and carefully peer into the center of the ring. It is believed that it is there that you will necessarily see the face or silhouette of your future spouse.

Fortune-telling with the help of a pendulum

For this method, the ring is best suited,made of gold or silver. It must belong to you. Well, if you have long hair, then you can make a pendulum from the ring, which will be suspended on your hair. If this is not possible, then you can use the usual thread of white, black or blue.

On the sheet of paper, write the words "yes", "no" andfigures from zero to nine. Take the pendulum in your right hand and start asking the questions you are interested in, while very slowly and gently push your hand with the pendulum over the sheet of paper. The pendulum will begin to swing at a certain point, indicating the answer. The pendulum can answer "yes" or "no" to specific questions. To answer questions like "When will I marry?" Will be needed numbers.

Sometimes the answers obtained with the help of a pendulum,simply amaze with their authenticity, so this kind of fortune telling should be treated very carefully and do not resort to this method just for the sake of entertainment.