Why not give towels

Why not give towels

In Russia, since ancient times, a towel is widelyused in various rituals. With this seemingly innocuous product associated with many different signs and superstitions, which have reached to our days. There is a sign that towels can not be given and accepted as gifts for a number of reasons.

Why not give towels

Towels at the Funeral

Towels were a mandatory item thatwidely used in funeral ritual. Towels were taken out of the coffin from the house and carried to the cemetery. After the funeral, these towels were hung on the grave cross, and after forty days they were given to the church to commemorate the soul of the deceased. In some places this tradition has survived to the present day. In the cemeteries you can often see fresh graves with crosses, on which white towels with embroidery are tied.

Another tradition related to the funeral. In some regions of Russia, it is customary to hang doors with towels after the body of the deceased was taken out of the house. In some rural houses, one can still see portraits of deceased relatives, which frame embroidered towels.

There is another custom associated withthe deceased. On the fortieth day, the embroidered towel was hung from the outside of the window frame. It was believed that the soul of the deceased on this day comes to his home, washed with dew and wipes his face with a towel.

It turns out that towels are traditionally a symbol of the road to the other world, that is why many modern people such a gift can cause bewilderment and complete rejection.

Towels at weddings

In wedding rituals, towels are also oftenwere used. You can still see on the friend and friend towels with ornament, which are tied over the right shoulder, however, now they are often replaced by red ribbons with the inscription "Honorary Witness".

It is difficult to imagine a wedding without an embroidered towel,on which they take out bread and salt. Wedding towels are also placed in front of the entrance to the house and the newlyweds must necessarily join together to ensure that their joint was happy.

So to give or not to give

Modern terry towels and embroidered towels- these are completely different things. All towels, which used to be used in rituals, must necessarily be white and with special embroidery. From the embroidered designs depends on how to use the towel.

Therefore, it is better never to give towels with embroidery, especially if you do not know the meaning of the drawings.