How to make New Year balls, decorated from the inside

How to make New Year balls, decorated from the inside

Not so much time left beforea beautiful holiday called New Year. And this means that it's time to take care of how and what you will decorate the house and the tree. If you wanted to create something original, then I bring to your attention New Year's glass balls, decorated from the inside. Such an ornament can even be made by a child.

How to make New Year balls, decorated from the inside

You will need

  • - a set of glass transparent balls;
  • - Acrylic paint of different colors;
  • - tea spoon;
  • - Empty packaging from eggs.



Taking an empty box of eggs, put it in itupside down glass New Year's balls, after removing them from metal "caps". Then look at how they settled - the balls should not interfere with each other.


Now take the first glass ball and pourin it an acrylic paint by means of a teaspoon, which is filled to it only for one quarter. In the same way, add a different color to the ball. In order to get an original Christmas craft, it is better to combine among themselves at least three different colors.


Pouring in a glass ball a paint of different colors,start it gently to turn it in one direction, then another. Thus you paint the inner surface of the New Year's toy. Please note that this procedure should be started immediately after filling the ball with paint. Otherwise it will thicken, which will make it more difficult to spread over the walls of the decoration. By the way, if this amount of paint is not enough, you can add it as much as you need.


Completely decorate the glass ball from the inside, pour out the excess paint if necessary in a pre-prepared container. Do the same with the other Christmas decorations.


Put the decorated balls in the egg boxin exactly the same way as they stood before it, that is, upside down. Thanks to this, decorations for the Christmas tree will become even more beautiful and interesting - due to gravity, the paint will spread better inside the product and create unique patterns. In this state, the decorated glass beads should stay at least 4 hours or until completely dry.


After complete drying of the acrylic paint, you canput on a Christmas tree toy a metal "cap" that was taken off before starting work. New Year balls, decorated from the inside, ready to be hung on the Christmas tree!