Baby Lambs

Baby Lambs

In the New Year and kids can give gifts in the form of lovely lambs. You can make such lambs simply and quickly, and use them in different ways.

Baby Lambs

If these lambs are sewn several pieces, then you can collect a funny New Year's garland for a stroller or a crib.

So, you will need Small pieces of colorful felt, sewingthread in the color of felt, a little material for stuffing (you can choose a fluff, feather, cotton wool, remnants of non-woven fabric, small pieces of thread, left from knitting a wool sweater or skirt, and so on, that is something soft), well of course, a little time.

Manufacturing. Cut out the body (2 parts) and the tail (1 detail)Sheep from white felt, and a muzzle (1 detail), legs (4 parts) and a flower (1 detail of a flower with petals, 1 detail center of a flower), which is on her forehead, from color (single or yellow). We sew the muzzle "forward with a needle" to the front of the body, attach the tail to the back, stitch the legs together.

We adorn the face with a flower and then sewfront and back halves of the body. Do not forget where you are going to skip a thick thread, make stitches wider, so that later you can easily assemble ready-made sheep on a string with a thick darning needle. Before you finish stitching the body of the lamb, put some packing material inside.

Helpful advice: Eyes, a nose and a mouth of a sheep can be outlineda few stitches of dark brown threads after the sheep is completely ready. And it is possible when only the muzzle is sewn to the front half of the body.

Collecting a garland of lambs, place between them bright plastic beads in the form of flowers and leaves.