Growing violets from leaf

Growing violets from leaf

Senpolia, or the Umburian violets, amaze theirvariety. Many varieties are derived, the flowers of violets are so different from each other that it is even difficult to imagine that they are all hybrids of Fenkoltic Senpolia.

Growing violets from leaf



The Uzambara violet is a unpretentious flower,responsive to attention. With proper care, pleases with flowering throughout almost the whole year. They reproduce with stepchildren and leaf cuttings. For growing from a leaf should be selected leaves, located under the peduncle, they are the most viable. Cut the petiole and dry it for 30 minutes, then place it in the water for rooting.


To make roots grow faster, take a smalla container of dark glass, fill it with boiled chilled water, add activated charcoal to disinfect water. Then close the container with a plastic film, make a hole in the center and place the shank there.


When the cuttings grow full roots,Plant it in a mixture of land and peat, you can use the ready-made soil from the store. Plant the seedling at an angle of 45 ° to the soil and cover with a glass or a trimmed plastic bottle to create a moist microclimate for the best sprouting of the violets.


Young children appear, approximately, on the seventhday, on one stalk can be up to 10 future bush. When they grow to 1 cm, cut the uterine leaf. After a while, plant the seedlings in separate pots for further cultivation.