Amigurumi: dolls

Amigurumi: dolls

Lovely knitted toys, which came from Japan,are becoming more popular. Especially often knit animals or dolls, this is a great way to show your talent for needlework. Amigurumi dolls can be miniature, playful or interior.

Amigurumi doll

Traditionally, in the amigurumi technique,Miniature models that can be used as a souvenir or a toy. The main differences between toys made in a different technique - a large round head, eye-beads, small legs and pens. For pupae, dresses and clothes, bound of threads of the same thickness or thinner, are necessary. The real Japanese amigurumi consists of simple elements - balls, sausages, cylinders.

Knitting Amigurumi dolls

The technique consists of crocheting in a circlecolumns without crochet, sometimes also used columns with nakidami. The size of the hook should be selected in such a way that the canvas is sufficiently tight, without holes. Knitting of dresses is often used with complex openwork binding, sometimes it is easier to sew details of clothes from fabric or knit with knitting needles.

Beginning of knitting follows from the so-called ringamigurumi. This method makes it possible to obtain a part without a hole, in contrast to the traditional beginning of a circle closed in a circle. The amigurumi ring is a thread wrapped in a circle, for which the loops of the first row are engaged. First, the ring can be large, but when the first row is finished, you need to pull the end of the thread and it will be tightened completely by closing the hole.

Amigurumi dolls: scheme

Next knitting is carried out as usual, according to the scheme. Many amigurumi schemes are translated from Japanese into Russian and represent a descriptive description. Others have remained in the form of drawings - you do not need to be afraid of them, after a short analysis it will become clear that it is even more convenient to knit.

Crosses are columns without a crochet, smallticks - added bars, large - double loops, an asterisk marks the place from which to start repeating. The number of stitches in a row is indicated in brackets. If everything is connected correctly, the beginning of the series should always coincide, so this place is better marked with a contrasting thread for control.

To facilitate knitting of thin handles and legs, special tools are sometimes used. You can take a thin pencil and tie it around in a circle - it turns out exactly and neatly.