How to make an origami mouse

How to make an origami mouse

Mouse in origami technique will be an excellent gift andan original decoration for a Christmas tree for the New Year. For a child to make such a little animal itself is difficult, but with the help of adults it is quite possible. In this case it is important not to forget that the antennae, eyes and spout are mandatory elements in the work. A piece of cheese will be an excellent end to the craft.

Mouse origami

What is required?

To create an origami mouse, you need to prepare the following materials: - a pencil - scissors - a ruler - a sheet of white-gray paper.

Mouse in origami technique

First, take a sheet of paper, which is drawnThe square is 20 by 20 cm. Then it needs to be cut out. The square is folded along the diagonals. Then we get a triangle. The right side of the triangle is added to the center line. To make the mouse smooth and accurate, you can outline the fold line with a pencil. On the left side, similar actions are performed. In the end, you should get a rhombus. Further up half you need to bend the bottom right corner. In the same way, you need to do the left part. Then in the lower half of the diamond it is required to fold a small triangle. It is one third of the bottom of the diamond. Then the lower triangle is folded up. In the future, the figure turns over to the other side. The right side of the diamond should be folded in such a way that it does not reach the center line by two centimeters. The left side of the diamond is the same. After the done actions, the work is turned over again. Mouse folds in half. At this stage, you need to make her tail. To do this, you need to execute a triangle. After that, another fold and triangle is made and what was folded in the previous step. The tail of the mouse neatly refills in the pocket. Next is to start creating the ears. The triangle is added to the left side. The handicraft is turned over and the second eye is made. It is important to correctly form these elements - the corners are folded along the vertical fold. The mouse turns over and similar actions are performed. Maximal realism to the mouse will be given by painted eyes, antennae and nose. For this you can use pencils or markers. Mouse in the origami technique is ready. To prevent the mouse from remaining alone, you can make another couple using a different color paper. One of them can be white and the other black. An excellent addition to the troika of animals will be a piece of cheese cut from yellow paper. You can make it in the form of an ellipse or cut 3 triangles of the same size and glue together with adhesive tape. You can add realism by using a felt-tip pen, which is worth drawing circles on cheese, simulating natural grooves.