Celtic tattoos and their meaning

Celtic tattoos and their meaning

Despite the staggering choice of variousimages for tattoos, Celtic tattoos have always been a hot favorite not only among men but also among women. The Celtic pattern is one of the most intricate and mystical. It is easy to learn because of woven lines, spirals and circles. Below are the most popular Celtic tattoos and their meanings.

Celtic tattoos and their meaning



One of the most popular Celtic symbolstattoos - Celtic cross. It looks like a Christian, but in its center there is a circle. An intricate knot pattern gives it a unique and unusual look. The meaning of the cross is ambiguous. For some, it is a symbol of God's infinite love, while for others it is a phallic symbol. There is a legend that the Celtic cross was invented by Saint Patrick, who tried to convert the pagan peoples of Ireland into the Christian faith. The most common places of drawing the image of the cross: forearm, back and wrist.


Shamrock is a Celtic symbol of the Holy Trinity in the Irish Catholic Church. In addition, it means life and rebirth after death, i.e. infinity.


Butterfly - this is one of the most beloved femaletattoos. Celtic butterflies symbolize a rebirth from a pupa to a beautiful butterfly. And also, the butterfly is a symbol of luck, freedom, prosperity and triumph. Most often this tattoo is applied to the lower back.


Celtic knots can be used asindependent tattoo, and as a part of it. The symbolism of the Celtic knots is not very clear, although some people believe that the Celtic knots have magical powers. But the most obvious meaning of the Celtic knots is infinity.


The Celtic heart symbolizes the union of two souls and is usually used to show devotion to a loved one. Such tattoos are popular both among men and women.


The Celtic tree of life symbolizes the Garden of Eden as a bridge between earth and sky. In the mythology of the Celts, the tree is a symbol of life and generosity, because it gives food and shelter to people and animals.


The Claddagh Ring is a symbol of friendship and loyalty. In this tattoo there is an image of the heart that is held by two hands, and a crown that lies on the heart. Each of these symbols has its own meaning. The heart, naturally, embodies love, hands - friendship and care, and the crown - fidelity.


Celts are known for their wonderful labyrinths, whichthey built. These labyrinths also found a place in Celtic tattoos. They symbolize the life path. If you look closely at the Celtic labyrinths, you can see images of various animals.