How to draw a Sponge Bob

How to draw a Sponge Bob

A cheerful and kind cartoon about SpongeBob has been delighting not only children, but even adults, for several years now. Many people are interested in how to draw Bob's Sponge Square Pants in pencil in stages.

How to draw a sponge bean



To paint SpongeBob, you need a little higherCenter the sheet to draw a rectangle and split it in half with a vertical line. Draw a line of eyes and mouth inside the rectangle, as shown in the picture. Add a circle of the sleeve of the shirt, the line of the legs and the ovals of the shoes.


Add Spongebob with large round eyes with sparse eyelashes, a nose in the form of a sausage and rounded protruding cheeks.


Draw a large open mouth where you can seeTongue, and under the upper lip are two large square teeth. A semicircular dash will be needed to highlight the SpongeBob's chin. Also do not forget to add dashes in the corners of the laughing mouth and the point-freckles on the cheeks.


To draw a voluminous Bob Sponge, you need,Separating visually two-thirds of the top of the rectangle-base, draw a square with a wavy line, and on the side the rectangle is inclined, as shown in the picture. Add to the picture small circles that simulate holes in the sponge. Do not go beyond the bounding box and do not touch your mouth, eyes and nose.


Draw SpongeBob hands, hidden behind his back, elements of clothing. The main detail of the drawing is, of course, a tie.


Make the legs thicker, adding another strip next to the base line. Add boots and the remaining items of clothing.


To draw a beautiful and bright Bob Sponge, circle the main lines in thick pencil. Finish the step-by-step drawing, adding bright colors to it.