How to draw a lemur in stages

How to draw a lemur in stages

Everyone can draw lemur step by step. It turns out a very realistic animal, whose homeland is Madagascar.

How to draw a lemur in stages

You will need

  • A sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser.



First draw a circle for the head, add inhis guiding lines that will be useful in the process of drawing a cute little muzzle of a beast. Draw two lines - this will be the neck of the lemur. Next, draw a circle for the trunk, a vertical oval for the lemur's paws. Draw lines of tail and paws.


Auxiliary lines on the face will help you draw properly large eyes, mouth, nose.


After the face, go to the shape of the head. Draw the lemur of the ears, neck. In the forehead and muzzle area, draw a coat.


Draw a torso. Then draw a chest, upper shoulder, lemur hips.


Draw the front and back legs. Draw your fingers - then you will need concentration. The left leg of the lemur is covered with fur, do not forget about it!


Draw a fluffy tail animal. Draw the lower part of the tail with special precision. Take the eraser, erase the auxiliary lines that guided the drawing process. We will not need them any more.


Lemur is ready. Now you can color your drawing.