How to draw a wild duck with a pencil

How to draw a wild duck with a pencil

If you want to draw a bird in your painting,then try to depict a wild duck. Its artistic structure will be clear to everyone. A bright wild duck will become an ornament of any composition and create a positive mood.

How to draw a wild duck with a pencil

You will need

  • -Eraser
  • -Simple pencil
  • -Paper
  • -Colour pencils



Start drawing from the outline. Do not press hard on the pencil in the first stages. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to remove unnecessary lines. On the sheet, mark the shape of the trunk - an oval. A little to the right, draw an oval three times smaller than the previous one. Note that the ovals need to be drawn towards the flight of the bird.


Schematically depict the rest of the body and head. Draw an elongated neck, a beak in the shape of a triangle. Add a couple straight lines for the wings.


Form the wings and work out the fins in more detail. Add paws and draw eyes.


Give the trunk texture of feathers, shade the desired areas. Darken the tail with a pencil hatch.


Circle the main lines with a black pencil or a felt-tip pen. Eraser erase all unnecessary. Color pencils or paints paint your bird in bright colors.