How to draw Patrick step by step

How to draw Patrick step by step

Who lives at the bottom of the ocean?.. Familiar words? With them begins the popular animated series "SpongeBob - square pants". Try to draw the best friend of SpongeBob - Patrick. With a step-by-step lesson, it will be very simple.

How to draw Patrick step by step



Draw Patric's body skeleton. In the center of the paper, draw a large oval. Patrick is a starfish with handles and legs, so add elongated triangular shapes to the oval. From above to the oval add a large triangle. On the sides of the trunk and below, draw two triangles.


Now use the eraser to erase everythingoverlapping excess lines. Draw a hanging cap from above the top triangle. All the sharp corners of the triangles are rounded. Patrick's hands are like fins.


Draw pants, an extra line on top of the shorts. Mark Patrick's navel with two arcs. Do not forget about the face - make a note of the shape of the face. First, arrange for the mouth, the two lower lines, then the line for the eyebrows and pupils.


Make a few small faces on Patrick's facestrokes on the sides for the eyebrows. Draw two ovals for the eyes. At the end, draw two large curved lines - this will be Patrick's mouth. Do not forget to draw the language. On the shorts of the "walking" starfish is a pattern - and draw it. It remains to Patrick to paint with bright colors, because this is a very positive hero!