Tip 1: Learning to draw a rose with a pencil

Tip 1: Learning to draw a rose with a pencil

The most beautiful and popular flower in the whole world is a rose. Many try to draw it, but not everyone can do it.

Drawing of a rose with a pencil



The best way to draw a rose is to start with a simple S that bends at the top.

step 1


Then you need to start throwing rose petals, and the letter S will be the center and the base of the whole bud. From the center there are several good vortices with pointed petals.

step 2


It is necessary to continue drawing petals, but this time they should be larger. At this point, the rose will blossom, and get its shape.

step 3


Above the center of the rose, draw two more leaves. They must leave the center and be more than half behind the rose bud itself.


Then you need to draw three more little leaves. Dividing each leaf, a smooth wavy line.


After correcting all the shortcomings and irregularities, you should go to the texture. Hatching is a very important part of the whole drawing.


It is necessary to continue hatching from the center to the edges, observing all the shadows. Where the light source, the bar must be weaker.


It will be good if you add a couple of your light sources.


It is necessary to soften the darkening slightly, after which the rose will look very beautiful.

Tip 2: How to draw a rose with a pencil

Flowers are among the most beautifulcreations of nature and are truly worthy for artists to sing them in their masterpieces. In this regard, roses can be considered classics. However, it is possible to draw roses not only with oil paints, but also with simple graphite in pencil.

Even being painted with a simple pencil? she does not lose her royal status.

You will need

  • A sheet of paper, a graphite pencil of medium softness (from 3 to 8B) and an eraser.



To begin with, we should outline thin,lines outline of a rose. If you need to adjust the outlines or change the direction of the stroke, you should use an eraser. This will help not to get confused in numerous dashes. To facilitate the task, one should imagine Rose In the form of a cup, on which all the petals are attached.


Further, light, with weak pressure, strokesyou should gain a light tone of petals. It is necessary to try as little as possible to click on the pencil to create the effect of lightness and tenderness of the flower. If necessary, graphite can be grinded a little, which will make the flowing forms more smooth. Particular attention should be paid to the distribution of light and shadow on the flower (the largest concentration of the shadow is distributed over the lower part of the cup).


Now you need to deepen the shadows, pushing harder on the pencil when hatching under the twisting petals. This creates an even sharper contrast and a maximum sense of volume.