What are the most passionate signs of the zodiac?

What are the most passionate signs of the zodiac?

The sign of the Zodiac, under which man was born, will not only tell about the main features of the character, but also help determine the temperament, including sexual. Which signs are the most passionate.

From what sign of the zodiac to expect fervent feelings and love madness

You will need

  • - Zodiac sign;
  • - The sexual horoscope;
  • - horoscope of sexual compatibility.



Astrologers unanimously attribute the highestsexuality to Scorpio. The glory of one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac Scorpio won, thanks to his extraordinary love for carnal pleasures. He not only loves them, but also appreciates them. Therefore, physical closeness and the physical aspect of love are above all for him. Scorpio in bed is tireless, persistent and ardent. But he can be gentle and resourceful. The sexual partner of Scorpio can only be envied.


Next in degree of temperament and ardorcomes Aries. Extremely passionate and assertive, energetic and a little selfish. He aspires to the top of pleasures, not forgetting to lead a partner with him. Yes, Aries can do so that his partner was with him well. Aries has an inexhaustible sexual energy that lasts for many years.


Three of the sexual leaders are closed by Sagittarius. In bed with him, few can compare to the degree of ingenuity, tirelessness, the ability to experiment. Sexual communication with him is surprisingly easy, bright and memorable. He is so passionate that getting under his sexual spell is worthless. It's not easy to get out of them or convince Sagittarius to stay forever.


Pretty temperamental, with some stretch,can also be called Taurus and Leo. The first adores fleshly pleasures - from delicious food to excellent sex. He knows how to get pleasure and how to deliver it. Lasky Taurus does not differ with ardor, but his passion can be long, like the marathon distance. And he will be tireless, considerate, persistent, until he kindles a real fire of desires in his partner.


The lion wants to be king in everything, including in sex. In all spheres, he seeks to show himself, to demonstrate his exclusiveness. He is a professional seducer. He loves luxury sex. And he can do everything possible to make his sex life just like that. In his arsenal there are always tricks with which he can easily conquer, delight and pleasantly surprise the partner.