How Zello works

How Zello works

One of the most original means of communicationon the Internet was the radio Zello, which provides an instantaneous multiplayer connection for conference participants, which can be located in different parts of the globe.

How Zello works



The principle of the Zello radio is quite simple. Each participant registers an account whose data is stored on the application server. You will also need to download the radio's client to a personal computer, an iPhone or an Android device. To date, the Zello application is supported by most fixed and mobile devices running various operating systems, including MacOS and Ubuntu. Users communicate via a two-way voice conference, or by connecting to a previously created channel, which can be open and available for listening to all Zello users, or closed and requiring a password when connected. Also, each user can create their own channel and invite users from the friends list to it.


To start using Zello, you need torun the client and enter the data for authorization: login and password. After that, you can start searching for channels by their name or by users by nickname. The exchange of voice messages with individual users is possible only after the return authorization, while listening to the channel becomes possible immediately after connecting to it. You can send a message by the entire user on the channel after receiving the status of a trusted user. Until then, only moderators and the administrator of the channel will hear the messages.


To send a message, click onto the communication tangent. In versions of the application for a desktop computer, it looks like a button with the Zello label at the bottom of the program window. In versions of Zello for mobile devices, the button tangent is located in the center of the screen and has the form of a circle with an orange frame and a microphone icon in the center. If the broadcast is currently busy, a three short beeps will sound.


You can listen to messages at the same timemultiple users from multiple channels that are currently enabled. In order to select a channel or user for communication, you need to click on the corresponding item in the list. It should be noted that in mobile versions of Zello, the lists of users and channels are in different tabs.


One of the main amenities of using Zelloradio is the preservation of the history of eavesdropped and sent messages. It is also very convenient to use the Hands-Free or Bluetooth headset. For each user or channel, you can set the desired volume level. It is also possible to send instant calls, including short text messages. Similar to most common instant messengers, Zello allows you to set different user statuses that restrict the reception or transmission of messages.