Tip 1: Will the winter 2014/15 be expensive?

Tip 1: Will the winter 2014/15 be expensive?

So the winter came! In many parks ice skating rinks have already been opened, inveterate skiers get cross-country skis from the mezzanine and buy paraffins, and in malls there is already cheerful girlish chatter about the choice of ski suits for winter rest. The thermometer's column creeps confidently down, and the ruble follows him ...

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Will it be expensive for winter 2014/15?
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Stop! And what does the ruble have to do with it?

Let's think together. December is a traditionally busy time for the family budget. In addition to the usual expenses, you need to choose New Year's gifts to relatives and friends and not forget about yourself loved ones. Who does not like winter sports ?! But if you are faced with the task of buying new equipment, then in December you do not have to wait for favorable offers. The beginning of a season never differs the big discounts, and this year also new batches of the goods from abroad decently grew in price thanks to a long jump of the Russian currency.

What can be done?

In the current situation, you can advise to drawspecial attention to the model of past collections, imported by suppliers at old prices, as well as to new sports equipment, sold with a markdown for various reasons. Last year's collections at the current level of technology development, as a rule, usually do not differ qualitatively from the new ones. And among the discounted goods (new, but, for example, sold without packaging), you can sometimes find products at prices that are much more pleasant for your budget. The only problem is where to find these same goods? Here, the aggregator of the discounted goods "Purchases with the Mind" can come to the aid. Here are just a small part of the winter goods with large discounts that can be found with this site:

NameManufacturerReason for markdownprice, rub.A discount
Men's, women's and children's ice skatesFila, Atemi, ICGPacking defectFrom 33952-59%
Cross-country skiing SportenSaleFrom 84957%
Boots for cross-country skiing AtomicPacking defectFrom 159053%
Ski boots RossignolPacking defectFrom 129051%
Snowboard bootsAtomicPacking defectFrom 119052%
SnowboardsBurtonPacking defectFrom 4790thirty%

This is only a summary plate. Specific goods are easily found on the site. And if you did not find it, you can subscribe to updates on your request, and when the desired product appears, you will receive an alert to the mail. This is very convenient, because the site is updated daily!!

At last

</ img>Winter - a great time to reinforce immunityon a skating rink or ski track. And in order to do this, it's not necessary to go broke. Start the search with Purchases with the Mind, and you probably do not have to make a choice of "sports or a purse"!

Just be careful. Shopping with the mind is addictive. After all, in addition to sports equipment, there you can find a lot more interesting things. It's like getting on a visit to a crazy hatter, who always had 6 hours - time to drink tea. On Purchases with Mind, unlike ordinary stores, there is always a time of discounts. And the beginning of winter is not an exception, but a pleasant confirmation of this rule! Have a nice winter and nice shopping!

Tip 2: Zenit became the champion of Russia ahead of schedule: as they celebrated the victory

May 17, 2015, the St. Petersburg "Zenith" in the fourthtime became the champion of Russia. This time ahead of schedule, for two more rounds before the end of the championship, after a no-man's match (1: 1) with Ufa. In this competition the first goal in the 32nd minute was scored by the Hulk, then by Ufa, in the 87th minute Haris Handicz equalized the score.

"Zenith" became the champion of Russia ahead of schedule: as they celebrated the victory

Petersburg authorities in advance prepared forpossible riots, when the match was still going on, about 10 minutes before the end, along the field to the fan sector, internal troops already fled. Although no signs of outrage were not yet in the stands, the soldiers blocked the fans out on the field from two sides.

However, when it became clear that Zenit was a champion,the supporters of the team still indulged in a storm of joy. The fans ran to the field, some tried to hug football players, shouted. One cheerleader was lucky to slap Oleg Shatov's hand, then the policemen twisted the man. Another guard chef had to knit four times, twice.

Celebrate the victory of "Zenith" in the championshipRussian Premier League football will be large scale at the end of the last round. That's when the team will be handed a cup, "golden" T-shirts, etc. But on Sunday, May 17, there was still a lot of champagne and sincere joy.

Witzel several times spread a scarf with an inscription"Champions-2014/15", the wife of Hulk and his two children ran out on the field wearing T-shirts with photos of the Brazilian striker. They danced together with the players and drove an orange ball in front of the stands.

Anatoly Timoshchuk - organized a team tofootball players of "Zenith" rocked Villash-Boasha. Rondon jumped on the back of Smolnikov during the organized procession of football players around the stadium. From the stands threw all sorts of things to the team of "Zenith" - the winner. Lodygin in response threw the fans a glove.

Then Tymoschuk, already in the locker room, openedChampagne and poured foam Kerzhakov with Anyukov. Malafeev avenged his comrade - poured him champagne on his head and a T-shirt. All rejoiced and laughed, again - again, "Zenith" - champion, and even post-it!

Hulk, Dani, Witzel and Krishito danced, andthe Italian is on the table. A few minutes later the huge blue table became sticky from the sweet alcohol. The Hulk spoke to the cameras that he felt the sweet taste of victory. But more precisely all said Shatov: "It is good that Zenit" became the champion for two rounds to the end. In fact, we were the strongest this year and could win even earlier, for 5 or 6 rounds before the end of the championship. "

"Zenith" used to win in the championship of Russia infootball in 2007, as well as in 2010 and the 2011-2012 season. Also, the football club was the USSR champion in 1984. The victory in the current Russian championship was for Andre Villas-Boas (Portuguese coach) the first with the team from St. Petersburg.

Now FC "Zenit" will play for the Russian Super Cup with the Moscow "Locomotive" or the Krasnodar "Kuban". And next season the team will play in the Champions League.

Tip 3: How to start a car in winter without problems

With the help of these tips, you can easily get your car even in severe frost!

How to start a car in winter without problems

One of the most popular ways is autorun. First, you can start the engine remotely, and secondly, set the interval through which the machine will automatically start, so that the engine does not freeze. After 10 minutes of operation, the engine is muffled.

The easiest autorun, with whichyou can do it, it costs from 2500 rubles. The more expensive models have even a function that starts the engine only when it cools down to a certain temperature. He does this with a special temperature sensor. Such devices are more beneficial, because the engine starts only when it really is necessary - you will save on fuel.

Also, you can control auto start from GSM through your smartphone and special applications. But such a system will cost 10,000 rubles.

You can get by with a smaller amount if you buy an auto blanket - a special blanket of non-combustible materials, which increases the cooling time of the engine by about 2 times. There is a blanket 3-5 thousand rubles.

The next option is an auxiliary heater. It is installed in the engine compartment and uses fuel for heating: it does not require either a mains connection or an engine start. But the price for such heaters is quite high: from 25 thousand rubles without installation.

You can also use the electric heating of the car. It operates on a 220v network and heats the coolant. It is because of the principle of connecting the electrical heating is not the most convenient way: only owners of private houses or garages with outlets can use it. The cost of the device is from 1500 rubles.

Tip 4: Where to go in winter

If the vacation fell on winter time or youjust want as best as possible to spend a New Year's vacation, you should not sit at home. There are many options for travel. But, if funds permit, the best solution will be to go abroad. There you can really change the situation, take your mind off working days and get a lot of different impressions. Here are just a few popular destinations.

Where to go in winter
In the cold season so want to besomewhere under the sun, at affectionate and warm seas. Go to the Maldives, where you can relax, enjoy quality service and stunning scenery, and dive. Another great option for a beach holiday is the Seychelles Islands. There pristine nature and a lot of coconut palms, beautiful beaches and clear waters of the ocean. However, the trip to the Maldives and the Seychelles will not be expensive. A similar option for more affordable prices is the Dominican Republic. There is not such a good service, but there are always carnivals, boiling lively nightlife. And you can choose India, the famous resort of Goa. There's a lot of entertainment, beaches with fine golden sand, everything is pretty inexpensive. Do you want to combine lying on the sea and active rest? You are a direct road to Thailand - a country of smiling people and exotic nature. There you can visit the paradise islands, admire the wonderful landscapes, view the ancient temples and palaces, take a session of another famous Thai massage, ride elephants, see a show of venomous snakes, buy inexpensive clothes, shoes, and if there are means, then quality pearls, sapphires and rubies. A good idea is to go In winter in Israel, a country with a rich culturalheritage. At this time of year you will not suffer from debilitating heat and you will be able to quietly examine the holy city of Jerusalem, visit ancient Nazareth and Bethlehem, relax and treat at the presentable resorts of the Dead Sea. If you want to please children, choose a tour to Finland. There you can visit the residence of Santa Claus, visit his house, ride a reindeer, ski, snowmobile and dog sledding. And at the same time, and go shopping in a free time from winter entertainment. Any mountain resorts of Andorra will have a taste for mountain skiers. It's always sunny there, snow lies in any weather, and wonderful flowers grow around. If you do not know how to ride, you can always hire an experienced instructor who will teach you literally in a couple of lessons. If you are tired - you can relax in one of the thermal springs or sit in a bar, sipping hot mulled wine.